Kenshin’s ugly twin that you’ve never heard of

16 11 2008

Disclaimer: Pictures of the product are considered NSFW

Usually under normal circumstances, I am very good at spotting bootlegs. This is not to say that I haven’t been duped by them at all as I fell for the really alluring prices that the Deathnote line of nendoroids were going for on eBay. Suffice to say, lesson learned and I do not promote these bootleg products. Recasts are a gray area, but that’s another story for another day.

Well, my husband has been eye-ing the Volks 1/4 Kenshin Uesugi of Sengoku Rance for awhile now. Considering that she is a Volks product and their policy about not selling to foreigners, it would be nigh impossible to get ahold of this beauty without incurring a lot of additional surcharges on top of the hefty retail price. One day on eBay, I spotted and pointed this out to him. At first, it was a little weird because the seller didn’t respond back to us, but time was running out on the listing and he was using beyond official pictures; it had the Volks retail box, official picture, etcetera.

The new item was paid off for on Sept. 15 and the listing mentioned that at times, the product will be mailed from their factory and that he was able for anything if you had any questions. He made mention of how ‘NICE’ this statue was, but he preferred Isoroku Yamamoto. It took roughly around 7-10 days to receive the product.

Whenever you get a package, there’s always this feeling of anticipation and excitement especially if you know what you’re getting. It’s feeling “Wow, it’s already here. I can’t believe it. I can’t wait to open it” So, we opened it and the box was exactly as advertised. As we opened up the box, that feeling of excitement quickly dissipated into feelings of anger.

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