Mikuru Asahina

29 11 2008

nullMikuru Asahina probably fits in a lot of otaku’s fetishes – seemingly passive attitude to the point of subservience, thick, flowing red locks, big and innocent eyes, petite size, very big breasts and her catchphrase “ano”. Mikuru is a very important character in Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and is considered only second to leading lady, Haruhi. Despite being a supportive character, she is very popular in both the anime and pvc scene. I think she is even more popular than Haruhi herself with a lot of her merchandise being sought after or considered rare. Out of all of the characters, Mikuru is my favorite in the series and she also happens to be my favorite out of the entire FREEing lineup. right now. This will be explained much later, but for now she is my favorite bunny girl and with good reason.

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