Emiri Kimidori – How I despise thee!

14 01 2009

Emiri Kimidori is a soft-spoken, second year student that is introduced to the SOS Brigade by Mikuru Asahina for assistance towards her missing boyfriend. Apparently, her boyfriend hasn’t been going to school and she wants the SOS Brigade to investigate the circumstances behind his strange actions.

So, it is hinted – by Kyon actually – that Emiri is a humanoid interface and quite possibly the superior of Yuki or just kept there to monitor Yuki’s actions.

Apparently, Emiri later becomes the secretary to the Student Council president. She also works as a waitress at a cafe that the SOS Brigade visit.

All in all, her screen time is next to nothing and whatever she does have amounts to a whopping zero. A lot of things are implied about her character potentially having a more important position, but this has no real significance in the series.

To tell you the truth, she was a weak presence when she was first introduced and her presence was practically nonexistent afterwards that I barely noticed her past the episode where she was initially introduced.

So, why FREEing? Why FREEing? Because it’s easy to make money off of this. Blech.

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