Tales of Symphonia art entry

31 10 2008

Tales_Wiimote_Main_Page So, I was browsing on the main page and this was featured on it. There was a fun contest   held for those who wanted to make their own customized Wii Remote with Tales of Symphonia as the theme. It’s a nice choice of pictures for this one. Since I’ve got an art background, both educated and naturally talented (mom is an artist), I decided that there was no harm in entering either. (By the way, I’ve decided to share Jem’s account because I’ve always wanted a couple’s blog)

So, I reread the entry rules to make sure that I knew exactly what I needed to look for before I started to search for images. I decided to go with the Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World boxart because it had a good mixup of classic pictures of the characters from the original Tales of Symphonia game along with a centralized positioning of the new characters. mono

I’m very fond of the original characters, but parts of their images are cut off due to being positioned in the background. It was very easy to search for original pictures of the characters used in the background and I aligned them on the Wiimote in a zig-zag tier. The main cast would be featured on the top of the Wiimote whereas the more secondary characters would be on the bottom. I liked both the colored and muted color tone, so I used both for my entry. Just for the heck of it, I made an additional Wiimote solely of the new characters.

This is what I came up with.

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