Final Fantasy XIII is Square Enix’s next shooter title?

8 03 2010

Lightning will shoot her way into your heart

With the creation of a minimum of twelve iterations of a not-so-final journey, Square Enix’s latest premier title, Final Fantasy XIII, is looking less like its predecessors and more of a preview of the (un)forseeable future for the franchise.

WARNING: The opinion of this post reflects that of the writer and their initial impression taken from numerous gaming sources. FF fanboys or otherwise uninformed opinions be wary of commenting lest ye incur the wrath of Bahamut!

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Lost Planet 2 ROCKS!

27 02 2010

Last year around late Fall, the Lost Planet 2 demo went live on the, you guessed it, Xbox Live Marketplace. I immediately played it and got hooked with the gameplay mechanics that I was able to witness. I played and joined numerous online games with each one bearing a slightly different experience from the last game played. My original intent was to post up my thoughts on this demo, but all of this got sidetracked with everything else going on which is usually the case for me.

Recently at the beginning of this year, I replayed the demo with friends after urging them to download it. This post is based off of my experience and thoughts from that time.

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[Really] Post E3 Haul

20 07 2009

A late E3 post that was meant to be written and published approximately around the time E3 was going on, but became inevitably delayed to time constraints. There are a lot of posts lingering in limbo right now, but this was one that I really wanted to write about. I love video games after all

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