Bioware turns 15! Has cool contest(s)!!!

30 03 2010


I am a big fan of Bioware’s games. From Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, and more to the more recent offerings of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, they have a plethora of quality titles and have done well for themselves these past 15 years.

Which brings us to the good stuff. They are offering a ‘bazaar’ of sorts where you can earn tokens to bid on ‘auctions’, except the auctions are fabulous free prizes. It’s definitely worth checking out, so head on over to their site and go to the Bioware Social section (which links can be found for on any of the main pages for their games or the main site or signing up in the forums).


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25 07 2008

Allow me to introduce myself – I am big fan of many things at heart which has led me into the collecting scene. First and foremost, I couldn’t get enough of Beanie Babies which spiraled out of control during my high school years. Then, I started to actively pursue video games and any related video game items with so much fervor that that too had to stabilize at some point in my life. Currently, I am in the figure/pvc scene which has been both an enjoyable and expensive experience for me. I’ve put some of the other hobbies that I used to collect on the back burner for now and will resume them as soon as I achieve my career job which allows for a bigger spending amount. This is a superficial introduction pertaining only to what I enjoy and love to collect.