Am I an android? [ALTER Aegis review]

30 04 2009

“Ah, let’s see… it says you’re… a weapon of mass destruction? Oh. It’s obviously a mistake.”

– Teacher’s comment on Aegis’ first school day

Aegis is the first of several figures to come from ALTER’s Persona line-up. With the videogame experiencing huge success and breaking through to the North American demographic, it was of no surprise that figure manufacturer titan Alter would create a figure from the series.

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Lei Fang at the beach

19 04 2009

Note: This is a very old photo shoot that went unnoticed due to Jem’s severe procrastination. Bad Jem! Bad Jem!

Leifang, an energetic 19-year old, skilled in the Tai Chi Quan martial arts. After being saved from bullies by Jann Lee, Lei Fang decided to hone her own skills hoping to become stronger one day. Fairly inexperienced and naive with the world, Lei Fang has a somewhat unrefined manner and isn’t fully aware of her surroundings or the people that are part of it.

She has many interests such as the color yellow, fans and Chinese cuisine as well as the usual leisurely strolls on one of many beaches on Zack Island.

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Tsuruya in bunny girl form

17 02 2009


Tsuruya is a very unorthodox character. The very hyper and outgoing friend of Mikuru Asahina and honorary consultant to the SOS Brigade. Her appearance in the series seems to be few and far between. Despite that, she has been celebrated by otakus everywhere and is quite popular for someone whose role was fairly trivial. The FREEing bunny line wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include Tsuruya in it. An interesting thing to note is Tsuruya lacks a last name. Maybe she’s like Sting or Cher in that regards.

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Emiri Kimidori – How I despise thee!

14 01 2009

Emiri Kimidori is a soft-spoken, second year student that is introduced to the SOS Brigade by Mikuru Asahina for assistance towards her missing boyfriend. Apparently, her boyfriend hasn’t been going to school and she wants the SOS Brigade to investigate the circumstances behind his strange actions.

So, it is hinted – by Kyon actually – that Emiri is a humanoid interface and quite possibly the superior of Yuki or just kept there to monitor Yuki’s actions.

Apparently, Emiri later becomes the secretary to the Student Council president. She also works as a waitress at a cafe that the SOS Brigade visit.

All in all, her screen time is next to nothing and whatever she does have amounts to a whopping zero. A lot of things are implied about her character potentially having a more important position, but this has no real significance in the series.

To tell you the truth, she was a weak presence when she was first introduced and her presence was practically nonexistent afterwards that I barely noticed her past the episode where she was initially introduced.

So, why FREEing? Why FREEing? Because it’s easy to make money off of this. Blech.

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Yuki Nagato as a bunny girl

10 01 2009

Yuki Nagato is a very interesting character of sorts. She’s initially met in what will be the future meeting grounds for the SOS Brigade. Unlike the rest of the members of the Brigade, she is technically the only one that joined out of her own free will and not by coercion. She is very quiet and seemingly reserved, enjoying  a good read and not minding the crazy antics that go on beside her.

Yuki, is in fact, a humanoid inteface from the Integrated Data Entity created for the sole purpose of observing events on Earth. Those notable events happen to surround a sole entity. Haruhi Suzumiya. Haruhi, for some reason, can create huge quantities of data out of nothing.

Since Yuki is an artificial “human”, she poses a lot of paranormal abilities that are later witnessed and seen throughout the anime.

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Mikuru Asahina

29 11 2008

nullMikuru Asahina probably fits in a lot of otaku’s fetishes – seemingly passive attitude to the point of subservience, thick, flowing red locks, big and innocent eyes, petite size, very big breasts and her catchphrase “ano”. Mikuru is a very important character in Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and is considered only second to leading lady, Haruhi. Despite being a supportive character, she is very popular in both the anime and pvc scene. I think she is even more popular than Haruhi herself with a lot of her merchandise being sought after or considered rare. Out of all of the characters, Mikuru is my favorite in the series and she also happens to be my favorite out of the entire FREEing lineup. right now. This will be explained much later, but for now she is my favorite bunny girl and with good reason.

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Kyon’s sister

25 11 2008


Next up in FREEing’s line of ladies of gargantuan proportion is otherwise known as Kyon’s sister. Kyon is the main protagonist of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and this is his little sister. For some odd reason, she is only known as Kyon’s sister. It kind of sucks in this regard as she really has no importance in the series which is implied by the title given to her, “Kyon’s sister. With that being said, since she has no importance, it doesn’t make any sense to make a figure of her either. Not only is Kyon’s sister made into a 1/4 pvc, but she is in a scantily clad bunny outfit no less.

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