About the One ‘N Only Jem

As far as the horizon has stretched, I have always been a video game fan. I mean, how could you not? From goombas to castles to saving a princess in distress, there was no turning back from this realm. Since then, I’ve deviated from my adventures of the past and have explored the world of super ninjas, demons, Shipment frenzy (COD4), zombies, and some good ‘ol shmups. This is not to say that I prefer one genre over the other as I love ’em all.

My anime experience dates back to the days of Pokemon, Sailor Moon and Samurai Pizza Cats. While I have not always consistently kept up with the anime scene – be it in animated or reading form – , I kept my eyes open for new and exciting things. As of late, I am brought back to the anime scene in full force by my other half who has been up to his neck with this subject matter for years.

Anime has become a gateway to paradise and hell, opening up the door to pvc figures and the ilk. There are things that you end up liking regardless of what media it’s in that has some type of impact on you which provides the basis for collecting items and fueling one’s hobbies. This is where pvc factors into my life.

For me, these pvc figures represent that moment that has become memorable to me in some shape or fashion that I am able to trigger that moment, event or feeling just by looking at that mold of plastic. I see a particular figure and think to myself and say, “Hey, remember when Tsukino licked her hand after touching the Solar Hands” or “Samus is so stylish as she charges up her plasma beam”. It is this very reason that I collect figures.

Other passions in my life include many -ologies with a bit of -ophies thrown in there for good measure. I love good literature when I happen to come across one and I’m very very big into all things art.

I’ve been called an enigma trapped in a riddle trapped within a box trapped within a contradiction by a good friend before. Life has given me many interesting experiences relative to my hobbies – from video game preview editor/p/reviewer on an online site to video game retail which I abhor to quality assurance tester. Who knows what else will happen in this life?

Believe I’ve rambled far enough.


Here’s the picture of me. Yeah, it’s pretty goofy and I did it back during my video game blogging and reviewing days.

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8 02 2009

:nods: Pokemon was like the gateway drug…. and now we’re taking the harder stuff…..anime fresh from Japan….figma’s…PVC figures…lol

10 02 2009

@Jem-&-Em: Like two addicts comparing notes? So what would dollfies be? Cocaine? Hehe ^o^

10 02 2009

@Emiri: Yes. I have no shame in admitting that I leveled up my younger brother’s file and whooped serious ass to destroy the Poke League. I did the Cinnabar exploit to get an infinite amount of items in your sixth slot (I think). I watched the movies. I bred some Pokemon in between and even bought those cards. Oh yeah. I loyally sang along to the Poke rap – all three of them. The charmander episode made…still makes me cry. I still really love Pokemon a lot and charmander will always be my pokemon. I like anime, but unless it’s meaningful for me, I can’t say that the experience is all that touching or thought provocative. Yes, damn VIDEO GAMES!!!! Video games is the sole reason I got into this mess…er hobby.

@Jay: No, they are akin to heroine. Please, can I have another? They are articulated and well-sculpted Volks dolls of iconic characters in Japanese media such as Rei Ayanami, Kanu Unchou, Al Azif and many more. Super Dollfies are the same, but only bigger.

I don’t care for Saber, but I saw this a long time last year and it was ❤

I am weak to Volks. Period.

10 02 2009

@Jem-chan: Ahh, Gothloli Saber, yeah, she’s nice. Like I’ve commented on other blogs, this seems to be the next wallet-killing trend in otaku collectibles, lol. In fact, the most-recent *full* photoshoot of a Dollfie I’ve seen was on Danny’s blog this past week. Nice too.

25 03 2009

How are you? I’m George. I believe i had contacted you before regarding a banner exchange. i’m wondering would you be interested in doing a banner exchange. drop me a message if you are okay with it. Cheers!

28 03 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

3 02 2010

Haha. I just finally read this page. Always nice to see the time line of other individual’s.

15 12 2010

Hi Jem,

Hope you’re doing fine. I’ve been reading your blog for sometimes.
I noticed that you have an action figure of Dann of Thursday (from Max Factory). Do you know where I could get one? It looks great.

Greetings from Indonesia,
Rifky Jauzak

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