Capcom – Why do you scorn me?

8 06 2010

Capcom was having a superb sale for all you gamers out there interested in looking to add some video games or video game related merchandise to your collection. I, for one, was super stoked about this sale and was planning to throw a bunch of items in just before the sale ended. This is an account of my woes related to the sale among other Capcom related things that I truly believe that the Capcom gods in the heavens have decided to scorn me.

When the two biggest hobbies that you actively collect from collide, it’s hard to weigh out and get everything that you want from both hobbies without one given thing conflicting with another. If I had waaaay more money than I do now, then this wouldn’t be a problem at all. Anyways, I placed my order in the last two days of the sale and was met with such strong resistance that is bound to give anyone a headache.

I wasn’t at my house and had to navigate the terrain on unfamiliar territory (I was on a Macbook Pro). I proceeded to add the awesome things to my cart. At first, I added it through the More Info option and was met with an Empty Cart page. Funny. Then, I tried adding it through the “Buy” button and was also met with an Empty Cart page. As resilient as ever, I proceeded to do this multiple times over within the span of what seemed like an eternity of items not being added to my cart to all items disappearing completely bringing me back to the begin where I had to go and re-add everything again in the futile hope that the items would stay in the cart. It was such a frustrating process to have to relocate and re-add items only to have that happen to you on both the Macbook and an iPhone.

Then, after the items were successfully added, I logged in with my account because I am an already existing member only to go to an error page or my favorite – the Empty Cart page. This happened to me at least 3-4x on top of the items not adding and even reaching this point.

On the rare occasion, I was able to make it past not just one but to the final “Submit Order” page only to receive an internal error page that my order could not be processed at this time.


To see those wretched red text rob me of what was so close to a victory is equivalent to an opponent just barely winning a match with just a sliver of health. I was met with this red error text three times before I finally decided to throw in the towel.

To my amazement, success lay in hiding behind the error text as all was not for naught because my orders seemingly errors had actually gone through. The only problem is that I had 2 additional duplicate orders that weren’t necessary. I mean I love you Capcom and all, but I don’t think I have a need for 3 copies of the same artbook. I know other people who are into the Konata way of doing something, but it’s definitely not my style (Lucky Star reference for all of you in the know).

I made sure to email Capcom asking for a cancel of the duplication orders before my order gets shipped out to me and then it’s really too late to do anything about that. This is what my message looked like:

None of the options specifically describes the
problem. I was trying to place an order on my Mac and I got an error on
the last page of checkout informing me that the order could not be
completed. I did this about three times reaching the final checkout page
and several other times trying to add products in my carts and log in
with my account. I had no idea that the charge actually went through. I
would like to keep the original order and cancel the two others that I
didn’t know went through.

This was my response from customer service:

Thank you for contacting the Capcom Online Store.

We have verified that your order below has been canceled, and will not
be posted to your credit card nor shipped out.

Order numbers: 6787368118, 6783568018, 6783417918


Shella P.

Okay, Shella, but where in that entire message along with the two specific duplicate orders that I specifically requested to cancel did I ever give you the impression that every order should be canceled. I have no idea if customer service just sees one word such as “cancel” and goes about canceling something without taking a moment to read what the situation calls for. In another situation that is Capcom related, but not through the store, there was a slight mishap that looks like it will be rectified *crosses fingers*

Why Capcom? I have done nothing but love your many splendid franchises and to have this extremely frustrating thing to happen just sucks. Here’s hoping that this will be fixed, but I’ve been screwed often in situations like this.

P.S. While I’m at it, I don’t get how the Final Fight press kit was supposedly limited on a first base quantity that would revert back to it’s original price of $149.99(?). I stayed there clicking refresh and hoping that my comment would be met with a direct message. I see that it’s just regularly available at that MSRP and had I known that, I would have not been glued to my laptop refreshing like an idiot fool.



5 responses

23 06 2010

So frustrating, I hope you end up getting everything you ordered without duplicates.

1 07 2010

@Jem-chan: Ohh, ouch. From Capcom to Capgone…

29 08 2010

Oh…Sometimes you really gotta love the ignorant Customer Service….
I wonder if all those errors throughout the checkout process where due to high server usage?

16 09 2010

I totally understand where you’re coming from. I bought Starcraft 2 on launch and enjoy the game very much but there was a glitch in battlenet 2.0 that prevented me from getting some achievements. Notoriously know (before this ordeal) to look after their customers I thought the problem would be resolved quickly by Blizzard’s customer service.

I wrote them an email explaining my predicament. One week goes by without a reply and I receive an email telling me my query is still in que and to not reply if it has already been resolved so that ,y query will be dropped. Oh wow, I thought, I never knew problems would just fix themselves overtime. So I send off yet another email to keep myself “in que” for someone to help me. Another week goes by but this time I get a real person answering my email. What I received in that email was the most generic and irrelevant piece of garbage I have ever seen. Somehow, it’s now my fault for not configuring my firewall (not possible as I could get other achievements fine and have never had a problem with connection to BNET) and that they cannot activate achievements for me manually (which I never asked for in the first place). That was the end of the communication. At which point I gave up and just told myself it’s not worth stressing over.

It’s a little different in your case as I had already handed my money over. So I’m sure if you shoot them another email explaining what has happened, Capcom would gladly take your money.

14 12 2010

Customer service is utterly the worst with a lot of companies.

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