Explanation for Everything

18 05 2010

So, there hasn’t been much about my presence on the interwebs as of late with the exception of a comment here, a complaint there and an indication that I’ve been around with the sudden increase of points.

I used to have 982 points Capcom and now I’m down to 703. Between the switching back and forth between my Manage Categories tab to refreshing my home page, I managed to lose those points for some reason not quite apparent to me. *sigh*

WordPress readers, ignore the Capcom and points mention as I am trying to hit two birds with one stone and update as efficiently as possible.

My glorious return back to the workforce after having conflict of schedule with school which wasn’t really conflict of schedule at my previous job has made for a hectic schedule this semester. Between going to evening classes and immediately doing a graveyard shift employment that is stressful and requires quick mental aptitude has left me with no choice to ignore my blog and browsing routine. In all fairness, my involvment with both video games and figures has diminished if not been reduced to a mere observation. Quite sad, really.

Anyways, my school is about to finish up here and I owe it to myself at the very least to spam some updates.

I really miss figures and still keep up to date with the scene and what I should be preordering.

I really miss video games and am happy that I am playing again with both Left 4 Dead 2, Super Street Fighter IV, and Resident Evil 5 DLC to welcome me back.

I really miss blogging because I genuinely love to write and haven’t been able to use this as a channel for all the things floating around in my head.



7 responses

25 05 2010

I can fully understand the stress of everything. It was much easier to blog when I was jobless, but not it is getting much harder to find the time.

Take it easy and come back when time permits 🙂

8 06 2010

Yup. That would be the same sentiments that I share.

23 06 2010
Kizo. . .

I just finished school too. c: Yay to no more finals~

Hang in there D: When you do come back, I’m sure it shall be awesome again!

I’m probably a bit selfish but please do another fun cooking tutorial. hehe^^; My friends & I tried your last recipe and it was delicious!! Especially with some thai spices.

1 07 2010

@Jem-chan: Yeah, I know what you mean about missing what you love. I mean, my blogging has dropped to every several months now. But we still push through once in a while, don’t we?

14 12 2010

@Jay: This is so late, but I totally agree with you.

29 08 2010

Id never thought Id see the day come where you cant get involved in figures and videogames at all! I guess sometimes Life hits everyone hard and he/she has to reduce the things he loves to nil/bare minimum.

I hope youll find some time to come back from time to time 😛

14 12 2010

Man, my semester is finally over and I’m extremely rusty when it comes to this, but I’ll give it a go. Yeah, there would be a day where I couldn’t juggle everything at once.

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