Testing 1, 2, 3…

24 02 2010

Here is a quick update with what’s been going on with me:

Lately, I’ve just been preoccupied with school and other things that I have been neglecting my blogging duties. Even with school, I think I would still regularly blog had it not been for the unreliability of my damn laptop who chooses to crash on me every so often. I could blog on the desktop, but I hate the hard keys of the keyboard that give resistance each time I clack away. I’m a fast typist and don’t like resistance of any sort when I’ve got my creative juices flowing.

Oh yeah! I just remembered how crappy Timewarner is! Okay, let me take that back. Apparently, in the previous week, our cable decided to die out of the blue and I was left with no internet for at least 4 days straight. It was quite irritable to watch the blinking green dot never make it past the first stage. When the internet technician came over, he informed us that there was something wrong with the cable box which was the underlying problem to our internet dilemma. To simply translate this, a bastard neighbor probably was trying to steal cable lines or do something shady. Nice…

So, there you have it. My laptop crashes and I have had the pleasure of wiping it several times already. I think I’m going to have to scout out some great deals for laptops or something. As of right now, I’m sick and further want to extend my vegetation mode.

I can still be reached if you know of the means to do so, but I will be more or less floating around the cyberspace.




9 responses

25 02 2010

@Jem-chan: Aww, sorry about the academic super-busies and technological difficulties. But yeah, I’ve been doing pretty well actually. Thanx for asking! Don’t forget to let me know how it is when you finally reach the bright end of the tunnel! Gambatte! ^_^

6 03 2010

Thanks, Jay. I really miss you. *hug* I think that’s good that there are so many things going on in your life. Well, I guess the technological crap can’t really be avoided, but I’m doing the best that I can with the limited resources in my power.

7 03 2010

@Jem-chan: {Hugs back} Aww, that’s sweet. But if the creative flow of your itchy juices can’t be stopped, there’s always “Plan B”… pen and paper! Then you can worry about typing later. Much later, it seems, hehe.

27 02 2010

Well so many kind of troubles…. which stops you in your will to blog. I can totally understand.
I hope all will be settled up so we can see some posts of you again on the net 🙂

6 03 2010

@Lylibellule: Thank you for the kind words^^ Yeah, I get so put off to blogging because I type fast and then the stupid cursor likes to jump around the screen, so it bothers me a lot because I can’t smoothly stream my train of thoughts without the cursor messing it up. Then, if the cursor is behaving obediently, then the laptop will randomly decide to crash on me if it happens to move ever so slightly or if I stream a youtube video. ARGH! It makes me want to scream a lot which further puts me off, thus this vicious cycle has been going on for a very long time. It sucks because I’ve been itching to get my creative juices flowing and sit down and write some stuff.

28 02 2010

I’m one of the person who unfortunately has to support clients who uses Timewarner and their tech support aren’t the best when it comes to solutions. 😦

6 03 2010

@Optic: Fortunately for me, the tech guy who came over finally figured out that problem. Timewarner is just terrible in my opinion, but I have no choice given the location that I’m in. I feel bad for you that you have to support the clients that use Timewarner; it must not be fun for you at all.

3 03 2010

Good luck with school, how much more do you have left? Months? Years? I have 2 months left of classes and after that a 6 month project. And then…sweet freedom.

If my source to the internet was crashing frequently, I wouldn’t really be inspired to post either. The frustration would be too much for me as I was trying to piece together a post.

6 03 2010

@duckie: I need an approximation of about 1 1/2 year before I am finally out of the clear for this step. Thanks for the well wishes.

Yep. I am beyond utter frustration because I don’t like things interfering with my train of thoughts as I’m typing them out in the computer. But, I’ve got a renewed sense of writing because I just want to talk right now, so here’s hoping everything doesn’t f*ck up on me, haha.

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