This just in – Laptop causes sudden disappearance

22 11 2009

So, to make it short and sweet, my dear laptop – who has gone through a lot of wear and tear – decides to blow up metaphorically, leaving me without a real means to be able to comfortably browse the internet. I have had limited internet access that allowed me to get in some preorders, but nothing past that. I have even tried to update my site via my Playstation 3, but it’s not exactly user friendly for that task.

With the laptop aside, my disappearance comes as a result of working many, unforgiving hours at work and is reinforced by the abundance of sexy games coming out. I am also trying to work out a different career and future path,  so all of this makes me a busy girl. My camera is a bit on the crappy side, but I am hoping that the new rechargeable batteries will bring forth a new breath of life in them. I have a long list of updates and hope everyone has been well.





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23 11 2009

I’m happy to see you back. Your long absence has surprised me. This was not your usual.

Not easy without computers, especially in our time.

Welcome back. Deeply your next updates.

23 11 2009

Its good to see that youre still alive!
There were some life signs through those crappy twitter posts that messed up youre side but I still thought that youre gone for good.

I can wholeheartedly understand that youre one busy girl and that it isnt aways easy to get everything under one head.

23 11 2009

With all those Uncharted 2 tweets I figured you were just really enjoying the game, lol. Sorry to hear that your absence was due to ‘splodey laptop.

Hope that new career path pans out for you! I can relate to looking towards the future about now.

23 11 2009

GAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I hate this laptop deleting my comments and forwarding the page.

@Lyli: Yeah, it was a really long absence. I missed out on so much internet happenings. I’m good to be back.

@Blow: Yeah, I’m a really busy person and even more so than usual. Hahaha, I forgot to disable that feature in Uncharted 2. Now, you guys know how much I really love that game. Nah, I really love blogging and mingling with all of you^^

@Rico: Well, i do love Uncharted 2, but I had super limited internet access due to the laptop. Then, the person who was supposed to help me and fix my laptop (read wipe everything 😦 ) was severely lagging on that task. It wasn’t until just recently that my laptop got “fixed”.

For the both of us, I hope that all of our pursuits works out for the best :]

23 11 2009

@Jem-chan: Aww, here’s another {lingering hug}. Best wishes to your potential new path! Let’s hope the light at the end of your tunnel is bright enough to illuminate your entire figure collection. Yup, entire. Whatever that means. But it sounded cool enough, ya think?

26 11 2009

Nice to see you back^^ I din’t eben think that you coputer stopped working. I just thought you life had been consumed by uncharted 2.

30 11 2009

*didn’t *even *your *computer *your
This is the most embarassing comment ever…. It sounds like baby talk…….

28 11 2009

@Jay: *hug* Hahaha, it made complete sense AND sounded pretty spiffy at the same time.^^ *hug*

@Gordan: Hahaha, yeah. It still does consume my life, but I had little to no internet activity as a result of the laptop. Great to be back^^

31 12 2009

It’s nice to see this update. I was wondering what you were up to. I haven’t been able to browse blogs as often as I’d like lately either (although for me it was just due to suddenly being busy, my laptop is working A-Ok).

PS – I FINALLY beat Persona 3 last night (115 hours game time and all but 2 social links were maxed), loved the ending, it really stuck with me. I’m thrilled at how “the answer” is setup so far. I looked at the intro and did the first battle right after I finished the main game last night.

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