Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition – Will You Be Mine?

6 10 2009

Did you ever have a time in your life where you wanted to get something no matter what the cost?

Enter the ultra sexy Fortune Hunter Edition

sWhat does limited mean? Well, for some of you have come every so often to hear me ramble and rant about certain things will know that I made a post regarding the exclusive/limited nature of figures<insert link>. The general principle is the same for practically every hobby that you choose to pursue sans all the technical stuff.

If you ever pay attention to the information printed on the box of your video games and/or manuals, if it is on the Sony platform then you will most likely see SCEA or SCEE. Depending on the region that you are in or where you bought you game, you will be seeing one of those with your game.

The Fortune Hunter Edition is a special bundle done by SCEA meaning that it is exclusive only to the United States. If SCEE had done something special, then it would be only available to Europe. Stuff like this happens for both regions, really.

So, for all the whiners out there who are super pissed off that this isn’t available to them, then it just sucks that the marketing for their region isn’t sponsoring any spiffy events such as this. So, it’s a shame that it just turned out this way for such an excellent title.

Now, this puts a whole new spin on the word “limited”. I know that I tend to get irritated when something that is supposed to be limited in nature is mass-produced and easily obtainable. Let’s just put it this way. I think real, diehard fans are the ones that should be rewarded with sexy limited editions and not just some random joe schmuck who comes in and happens to be at the right place and time. Fortune Hunter Edition is insanely limitd in the sense that it will not be available through purchase and I’m not counting eBay, Craigslist or any other area where people sell off goods.

The Fortune Hunter Edition comes with some exclusive downloadable content, autographs from the entire Naughty Dog development team, a thick and aged-looking art book, the video game, and the exact in-game replica of the Phurba dagger artefact. The Phurba dagger artefact is measured at a whopping 15 inches length. Everyone seems to think it’s the size of a letter opener, but this baby is the real thing.

If you could buy this bundle, it would cost $400 not including tax. Yeah, I think I’m crazy enough to go and purchase this bundle.

Anyways, I’m really happy that this edition exists and will be trying my absolute darnedest to be one of the lucky 200 to get a chance at owning this. Oh yeah, there’s only a limited amount made because cost of production would probably run an all-time high.

Length: 300 mins
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: If you can’t wait until October 13th, SCEA and Sony Electronics have partnered to produce an exclusive “sneak peek” event that bring UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves to the big screen before launch. Join Naughty Dog in a night of fun and Multiplayer tournaments with the chance to win lots of cool prizes-including the Fortune Hunter Edition. Attendees will also have the chance to play UNCHARTED 2 on the ultimate high definition big screen, powered by Sony Electronics 4K digital cinema technology, which provides image resolution four times greater than any high-definition consumer television out there. Sony Electronics is working with major theaters across the country to create “digital destinations”, pairing 4K digital cinema technology with enhanced events for gaming, music and sports to create an unprecedented entertainment experience. UNCHARTED 2 will be one of the first pre-released games showcased at select sites. Event is from 6PM to 11PM. Registration begins at 5PM.




7 responses

6 10 2009

I’m a sucker for limited edition stuff. It’s like a religion where only those who have strong faith can believe in.

6 10 2009

So this the Hunter Edition that you were talking about. I didn’t saw this when I was at the Naughty Dog studio. I want the dagger! XD

8 10 2009

I have to agree that I am the same way at time – got to have that limited edition! Also make you feel like you are one of only a privileged few who have such a wondrous item.

besides, my wife likes sharp objects

9 10 2009

The last limited edition game bundle I bought was the .hack//G.U. vol.1bundle, and I haven’t even played it yet^^; I’m obviously not that much of a gamer>.<

9 10 2009

@sloth: Well said. I like that :]

@NGE: I absolutely want this. I think any hardcore video game collector should own this.

@bluedrakon: If the game is gonna be awesome or if the limited version is awesome, then I completely support it. By the sounds of it, I would get along swimmingly with your wife.

@gordonham: Nah, not buying limited edition bundles of stuff doesn’t undo your credential as a gamer. I know a lot of people who just play rpgs and try to pass themselves off as “hardcore gamers”. But for gamers who play for the sake of gaming, this is one limited edition that should not be missed. ^^

10 10 2009

Oh, I did mean because I don’t buy limited bundles, but because I’ve had the game for like three years and I haven’t even played it once^^;

11 01 2010
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