[Really] Post E3 Haul

20 07 2009

A late E3 post that was meant to be written and published approximately around the time E3 was going on, but became inevitably delayed to time constraints. There are a lot of posts lingering in limbo right now, but this was one that I really wanted to write about. I love video games after all

E3 – known as Electronic Entertainment Expo for those who are not in the know – is an annual trade show that showcases many upcoming titles or hardware related software. So despite having the “expo” in it’s title, it is nowhere near the same as Anime Expo as there is more of an emphasis on demonstrating titles in the works. Unfortunately and fortunately for me, E3 does not sell really awesome, exclusive merchandise and has not given out anything that stands out in recent years. I love video games to the point that I will totally geek out with the merchandise and any other exclusive or premium goodies.

Back in 2005 – when E3 was actually “E3” -, there was an abundance of titles to titillate the senses as well as swag galore. I miss being a journalist during those days to get inside access, exclusive information and getting to talk to and interview the creative minds that bring me those beloved games. Nonetheless, it’s still good to have some type of E3 even though it is merely a shadow of it’s former self.

I couldn’t go to E3 this year because I had to go and manage the team in place of my boss who had to go and manage the E3 crew. I already had a very exciting and swag-filled E3, so my minion was very excited that he finally got the chance to go to any level of E3. Since, I was not able to go, I tasked him with getting me some epic loot. I’d have to say that he not only fulfilled my expectations, but he far surpassed them. Even though he reached that bar and then some, I said, “It doesn’t mean that you don’t stop getting me some swag!” I’ll get into the swag now as well as some of my feedback on any titles that are of particular interest to me.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DAY 1

Since our company was holding presentations and the only reason why any employee would be invited to attend E3 – as opposed to continuing to work on their respective titles – is to work a company booth. There were a number of very important titles with demonstrations and he was a floor demonstrator for one of those very important titles. I believe there was only room for only a handful of times to roam around and explore other company booths. If the schedule required multiple demonstrations, lunch time was the only time to roam around and take in the expo. I think 1hr 30 minutes is hardly enough time to be able to run around, meet and greet, get on-hands time with demos, attend interviews, and collect swag. While it would have been nice for him to actually get some more on-hands time, there wasn’t that many playable demos for the public.

The most impressive in terms of line-up and overall presentation for video games was by Volition. Muramasa, from the the creators of Odin Sphere, is a side-scrolling role-playing game done in a very similar fashion as Odin Sphere. Initially, the title was dropped from their original publishers and any hope of bringing this gem stateside was but a dim glow. Luckily for all the people who do care about great games, Volition has picked this up and Wii owners will be seeing this in the upcoming future. I was very much a big fan of Odin Sphere that I own at least 3 mint copies of this game and have played endless hours collecting coins, ingredients and leveling up my characters. The art style is just too gorgeous to pass up and I pray that one day ALTER or Volks makes figures from this series. Hell, let’s make them limited, too.

At the Volition booth and conference room, there were pamphlets for Muramasa that included information cards – that were roughly the size of a post card – for Muramasa, Samurai Shodown V, King of Fighters XII, and Nostalgia. With the exception of Nostalgia,  this is a very strong set of video games under a publisher’s belt. He is particularly excited about Muramasa and King of Fighters XII. These informational cards are printed with vivid colors, beautiful artwork and pertinent facts about the game. If you’re into decorating your room and putting up pages, posters or anything that can be pinned up or hung, these cards are a fine addition to a gamer’s den.

I have no idea what Neosteam is all about other than the fact that it is a cool shirt and the game is heavy on steam punk art direction. Neat! This is an Atlus brochure about the games that they have lined up for release. I am a very big fan of Atlus video games even though there are some titles that make me wonder. My former Editor-in-Chief – whose love for Atlus and video games is deeper than the ocean – really brought this publisher/developer to my attention. I’d have to say that the Trauma Team bandaid sticker is just so incredibly awesome!!!! The Trauma Center franchise has always been a favorite of mine and I’m really excited to be part of a surgical unit this time around.

I have no idea what this Wet title is all about, but the word “wet” is definitely eyecatching and you can’t really beat a sexy woman at the forefront of your picture. Ah, sex sells. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a fairly old title that I snagged the poster for from work. I rarely get any time to play video games because I work long hours and a few hours is never enough time to game. I like long, extended periods of gaming where I make a substantial amount of progress, so it’s hard to put down the controller especially if I need to know what is going to happen next. For some time, I have been enjoying myself in both Shivering Isles and the Imperial City. I’ve got easily more than 50+ hours logged in AND I am only Level 2. So, how do you log in that amount in hours while being at a relatively low level? Simple. As long as I never sleep in-game, my character never levels up and I can continue to accrue levels without actually leveling up. I’m having far too much fun pickpocketing unsuspecting villagers and civilians and breaking into their homes.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DAY 2

Relative to Day 1, the loot for Day 2 appears to be significantly less, but appearances are always deceiving. Out of entire amassed loot, Day 2 has the best loot acquired. I didn’t quite realize he came home with it until he told me to be careful with the stack of posters wrapped in a garbage bag. Yeah, it started to sprinkle and the entire crew had to take the Red Line to commute back to their cars, so the bag was a great way to protect the goodies.

I plan to amass one of the sexiest video game rooms and collections from everyone that I know. One of the criteria to having a sexy collection, in my opinion, is owning autographs. The president and artist for both of these beloved series was doing a signing during a very small window. Luckily, he was able to take his break and make it in time for the signing. I’m just utterly stoked that this game will be released over here. The video game collection just keeps getting sexier and sexier.

I was hardcore denied some juicy zombie/infected action during Left 4 Dead late last year when my internet decided to be aggravatingly unreliable. Thank you very much, Timewarner Cable. I haven’t renewed my Xbox Live subscription because I wasn’t doing any online gaming at the time, either. Ever since Left 4 Dead 2 was announced, I have been working extra hard to get any attainable achievements on my own and scouting for the best deal on a Gold subscription card. I must have run the first campaign on Normal ad nauseam to get really familiar with the map, my shooting as well as getting some practice with my 180 degree turns. Before I even knew it, I was running the first campaign by myself on Normal without even noticing it in the middle of the morning. I *need* to have my achievements done and over with well before November 17. GAH!!! I need to renew my subscription card and get some more achievements and try for a Nothing Special run. Without getting into too much detail,  I will buy the next installation in the series AND I do love Valve. Mind you, I bought that Oneechanbara game because I was craving some zombicidal action that Timewarner denied me.

What is Rogue Warrior? I have absolutely no clue at all. The poster is cool enough to check out a trailer though. Assassin’s Creed II is a very promising title despite all the tedious and repetitive  things in the first one. I sold my copy to make the system work in my favor and have been meaning to repurchase it again. Looks like another good time to work on finishing out the rest of the achievements. I already own the poster for the first Assassin’s Creed from the E3 in 2005. Here’s hoping that no one at my folk’s home has touched my items.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DAY 3

The last day bears some unique items and finishes out the swag collected from the trade show. I was interested in maybe getting a Saboteur zippo lighter or a printed tee from Splinter Cell: Conviction. Alas, there’s not enough time to be able to get every possible thing.

I never hide the fact that I am a very big fan of games that mimic the Dynasty Warriors franchise which is practically everything under KOEI. I haven’t played any of their games for some time, but I think that’s probably a good thing because I’d play for at least 6 hours mindlessly slaughtering 500+ soldiers. The most I’ve ever been able to kill was at least in the 1,000 range and then some on the hardest difficulty in Dynasty Warriors 3 as Zhang He. I love dangeously flamboyant men.

Press kits at a video game trade show are golden. They are honestly the next best thing to scheduled interviews and demonstrations. Unfortunately, journalists are the only one to receive press kits and acquiring one requires a business card exchange to cement journalistic connections. Bah. I remember the abundance of press kits as well as unlimited access to a press coverage site back in the day. I don’t know what’s up with the Left 4 Dead 2 necklace a la Mardi Gras style, but I’m not complaining.

I have stacks upon stacks of video game shirts that I wear for every day use. This shirt is really simple and plain. I’m really liking the aviator glasses specifically for Battlefield 1943 even though I don’t think I will be utilizing these sunglasses for anything other than display purposes.

At trade shows like this, there is never a shortage of video game publications and reading material distributed out. I used to collect a handful of Nintendo Power magazines because I really liked the articles and overall layout.

I have no clue what type of pokemon Giratina is as I stopped playing Pokemon after Diamond and Pearl versions. I miss the magic that was the Red and Blue version :{

Suprisingly enough, there was no pamphlet for Samurai Showdown V. The layout for the King of Fighter XII pamphlet was really visually appealing to the eye.

Here is all of the information cards spread out like a hand of cards. I think I own 3 sets of these informational cards.

Here is the final batch of posters from Day 3. It was a bit surprising that the huge stacks of the Left 4 Dead 2 posters disappeared like hot cakes because I was told that the stack was very big. It was interesting to note that EA staged a public boycott to add comic relief to their title, Dante’s Inferno. I was not able to take a picture of the pamphlet that was given out, but it just over-the-top that you’d have to be an idiot not to catch on.

Interesting people that my were met – the musical composer for Yakuza, the good folks from Remedy (see sexy Max Payne), and Cliffy B of Gears of War fame.

While this is not from E3, it is pretty sexy video game swag. Leather luggage tags with Bioshock 2 on them. Sweet!

I was planning on adding a bunch of trailers and in-game footages of prominent titles, but it’s getting late and I need to catch some much needed Z’s. Till next time.





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20 07 2009
[Really] Post E3 Haul « One 'N Only Jem | George Lab

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20 07 2009

Sooo sexy freebies!
I really hope that Muramasa will make it over here ❤
Such a beautiful gamem deserves to be released in our territory aswell.

Gah L4D!!
I hate that game soo much!
Me and my Brother fly through the maps in the highest difficulty but always fail in the last level.Its kinda funny that me and my brothe plus 2 bots are offline better than online with 3 other living and breathing people

21 07 2009

@Blowfish: OMGOSH!!!! Right now I am trying to get some of the really irritating achievements like surviving without taking damage once the rescue vehicle has been summoned or finishing a campaign on Expert. He can be such a bitch at times playing because he has zero to nonexistent patience especially on higher difficulties. Do you have it on the PC or 360? If you say 360, let’s exchange gamertags and get our game on. If it’s not this game, I know I’ll definitely be hitting up Left 4 Dead 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

24 07 2009

Ah those achievements really suck XD
Took us quite some time to get some of those achievements.Cant really tell wich ones I havent got yet.
I kinda feel sorry for crushing your excitement but my Brother owns L4D on the 360 but doesnt feel like paying for xboxLive.He only goes online with it when a game comes with those 2 day free access vouchers.
It would have rocked to play a few rounds with you ^^;;;

22 07 2009

@Jem-chan: A-ha, two things caught my eye.

(1) First, “Neosteam”. Steampunk FTW! Sadly, since the “Neosteam” website shows animal characters, it’s not really steampunk for me. With talking animals, it approaches fantasy or magepunk, lol.

(2) Secondly, “Wet”, of course. Remember my “Steampunk” mega-cast (Blog 196) a few months ago? Well, during my search for images, this one popped up! Almost the same identical “Wet” covergirl! Sword, guns, even the outfit. Is someone stealing from someone else here? Hahaha.

P.S. Other than that, wow, a truly massive haul. If only you had the room to display them all. Oh wait, you just did. Via the web.

22 07 2009

From what I read on my informational card, it is supposed to be a world where steam is a vital aspect of life. I have never tried the game and the girl on the informational card looked steampunk-ish to me.

HAHAHA! That is definitely the Wet girl in your picture. There were some minor change in her tattoos, but there’s no mistaking that it’s the same girl. She’s hot, but I’ve seen better XD

23 07 2009

@Jem-chan: Ehh, steam is a “vital aspect of life”? Doesn’t sound “steampunk”-ish to me after all, lol. A-ha! I knew she was the same stolen “Wet” babe! I guess when you said “hot”, you could’ve meant “stolen” too. Hehe, ah yes, I know, I know, I’m sure you’ve seen or touched even hotter “Wetter” girls out there, lol… And now for the duplicated cross-comment (DCC) portion of the show. ^_~

[Blog 209] @Jem-chan: Hahaha, you pick out the most curious tidbits! Sadly, everything is now pretty much moved out. ^_~

[Blog 210] @Jem-chan: Ahh, I agree on all points. Quite enjoyable. Secondly, I don’t exclusively prefer anime over live-action or vice-versa. Each version is a valid interpretation of the original manga. Thirdly, while the Misa figure isn’t the highest style or quality, her laciness is quite irresistible. And lastly, Morte is exquisitely gorgeous. Sadly, I lost the original pre-sepia color photos back during a computer crash in October 2007. Maybe I’ll do a reshoot sometime, lol. Oh yeah! My order did indeed come with that mini-manga pamphlet “Welcome to Himorogi”. Nice little touch! As if the extraordinary cylindrical box wasn’t enough! Again, I may need to do a reshoot eventually, hehe. ^_~

22 07 2009

omg such goodies

j/w how much is a E3 pass?

I’m waiting for Muramasa too, my friend already played the japanese version and said its awesome. Art is very attractive.

Still deciding if I should get L4D for PC or wait for L4D2 for 360 or maybe ps3

5 08 2009
kizo. . .

Whoa, nice awesome badass loots! He is the best for going out of his way to get all these. xD

I especially like the signed Muramasa poster. D: Gorgeous!

6 08 2009

Are you kidding? I went bug-eyed when I saw the Muramasa poster. I am absolutely stoked that he got that for me. I’ve contemplated about posting it in some type of haul section, but s’ok.

I think he did a great job, too. BUT I think I could still do waaaaaay better, lol.

11 01 2010
2009 in perspective and looking ahead towards 2010 « One 'N Only Jem

[…] Post E3 Haul – Swag, swag and more video game swag […]

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