Lei Fang at the beach

19 04 2009

Note: This is a very old photo shoot that went unnoticed due to Jem’s severe procrastination. Bad Jem! Bad Jem!

Leifang, an energetic 19-year old, skilled in the Tai Chi Quan martial arts. After being saved from bullies by Jann Lee, Lei Fang decided to hone her own skills hoping to become stronger one day. Fairly inexperienced and naive with the world, Lei Fang has a somewhat unrefined manner and isn’t fully aware of her surroundings or the people that are part of it.

She has many interests such as the color yellow, fans and Chinese cuisine as well as the usual leisurely strolls on one of many beaches on Zack Island.

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Release Date:Late Jan., 2008
Scale: 1/8
Series: Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
Retail Price : 7500¥

I am not a big fan of Lei Fang in any way. When it comes to fighting, I prefer Christie even though I am nowhere as good as the hub. Volleyball is a completely different matter altogether. I excelled in the first Beach Volleyball with my monster duo Hitomi and Christie. Unfortunately, the second in the series is a lot more difficult in terms of volleyball which sucks because I actually enjoyed the volleyball aspect of the game.

In Xtreme 2, there is a water ride that you can take part in where you steer the character around the various corkscrews, loop-de-loops and tight twists and turns at 65mph or even higher. I really like this figure a lot. There are many details about it that are nice touches from the game for those who are familiar with the series. Her bikini – whose name alludes me for the moment -, bangle and water tube are authentic to their counterparts in the game.

This version of Lei Fang has her signature braided looped pigtails hairstyle as opposed to the limited version where her hair is free flowing. She comes with a bright red cheerleader outfit with “Lucky” printed on the front. I preferred this outfit because I liked the frills and ribbons’ position in regards to what motion is being emulated through the ride.

Her face is quite pretty and is a really good representation of the character. I don’t remember her having deep purple eyes, but it’s excusable. It might be hard to translate the character model to an exact pvc replica because of the type of style incorporated in the video game.

As you can see, Lei Fang appears to be hanging on for dear life, practically scooted towards the edge of her water tube. Any slight movement and she’ll be sent sailing off of it which is actually a common occurrence on the water slide ride. There is a peg where her hand is resting to lock the figure into place. The slight indentation makes room for part of her behind and thigh to rest upon. She is slightly slanted upwards due to the splashed water that’s part of the base.

You need to have somewhere level and stable to place her on or it’s relatively easy for her to tip over. This is a really great figure with a dynamic pose. Highly recommended.

This figure reminds me of all the pain and happiness that I’ve experienced with Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Happiness because it’s fun amassing millions of Zack currency and giving gifts to the other girls. Pain because of the tedious manner in which the girls can (or not) outright reject your gifts, ultimately spoiling your chance to gift the hardest aka skimpiest outfits in the game. Don’t even get me started on those Xbox360 achievements. Despite all of this mindless banter, this is a very well-done and energetic piece of Kotobukiya’s Venus on the Beach line. If you are a fan of the series or into a more adventurous bikini pose, then this is a worthy Lei Fang figure for you.

As a side news, I am still working on writing about BSG, but I am having a hard time piecing my thoughts together. I went to go get pictures for the post and realized too late that I was better off screen capping from the weekly Fridays webisodes. Oh well. I have so many unfinished posts that I need to go back to and finish it up. I’ve been a little tired from work as things are starting to get more busier and hectic for me. Well wishes to the interweb onlookers and familiar faces. In the words of Lucky Star’s Akira, “Bye-bee!”



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20 04 2009

Hmmm…I never really got into the Venus on the Beach series.
Lei Fang is one of the better ones of the series.I think that Kokoro is the best so far.
The DOA girls dont look too pretty after the videogame to figure transition.
When it comes to DOA my favorite Girl to fight with has always been Tina.The Tina figure looks horrible imho.

My Brother owns DOA Xtreme 2 and well it was fun for a short time but nothing to keep you really motivated.My attempts to make Shy Girls wear Tinas skimpy bikinis failed in 95% of the time.Volleyball is definately the most interesting of the activities and the i really hated that damn waterslide!
My fav combo in the game was Either Tina/Hitomi or Tina/Lei-Fang

21 04 2009

@Jem-chan: Damn, that pose looks awkward! Shouldn’t Lei have a more extreme expression across her blank eyes?… Ahh, yes, “BSG”! Can’t wait for your shattered thoughts! I’m sure it’ll be entertaining whatever u piece together. Hehe, and thanx for the “slick” comment! But be warned. I think something “tentacled” is awaiting your return…

21 04 2009

@Jem-chan: Hahaha, too much “crunchy” fun indeed! ^_^

22 04 2009

@Jem-chan: {Replying to your email} Hmm, “awkward” in the sense that expectations weren’t met maybe. Especially with international boundaries or linguistic obstacles, etc. But with the colleagues or friends I’ve met IRL before chatting or phoning, it’s not a problem… Yeah, evidently an October cold, but I broadcasted okay. Haha, “white” or “unfobbish”, I know what u mean. Not that it matters either way, lol… Ah, specific anime (as visual art) can never be stupid, just as “Cap’n Crunch” (as culinary art) can never be stupid. But they are an acquired taste!… Gahhh, canceled? That sux. At least one of us was lucky enough to get a firm grasp of “Queen’s Gate Alice” (the good version!), mwah-haha!

27 04 2009

Kotobukiya really made good work with this “Lei Fang”.
It’s face is very pretty and the cast-off is quite carried out.
It belongs to TOP 10 of my favorite figures.

28 04 2009

@Blow: I am starting to collect from the line because they are the best DOA representations out there. I do think Lei Fang is nice and Kokoro is even nicer. I’m weak to Hitomi even though they could have improved on her face. Nah, it’s always hard to translate the character models into pvc because of the style. I would really love some that are dead-on identical to their video game counterparts. I dread the day that Kotobukiya decides to come out with Christie because she is my favorite girl.

I was a beast on the first one and had a 95% success rate of gifting the skimpiest outfits in the game. I am working towards 100% full achievement pass on the second installation. My favorite duo – when I used to play volleyball – was Hitomi to power spike the ball into people’s faces and Christie for defensive backcourt strategy. I really love this game despite it’s obvious nature.

@Jay: Ah, it seems that you are enjoying Tentaclor’s comments. Yes, yes. You’ll never let me forget my “softcorn” porn popping ways, will ya? A co-worker keeps urging me to watch Caprica. I told him that I will most likely enjoy it since I really love BSG, but I am just in the mood for some lighthearted anime right now, haha. Pfft!!! What are you talking about – ALTER’s Alice Boost ver. has a meaty cleavage and arse cheeks that practically squeeze in her already disappearing g-string. If you don’t consider that sexy, then I don’t know what else to tell ya.

@Lylibellule: She does really have a nice face despite me hating the character in general. It does always bring a smile on my face, seeing Lei Fang in her extreme pose. Brings back memories of my character being launched out of the water slide at 75mph because I couldn’t handle the corkscrews. Good times XD Thanks for the visit. It’s really appreciated.

28 04 2009

@Jem-chan: Haha, I’m just teasing u about Alice. I know u prefer the meaty and voluptuous types, lol… But I won’t “urge” u to watch anything. I typically mention something just once, then leave it at that. Because if something is hyped too much, then it usually backfires. At least, for me… Nahhh, lol, I think your “bunny” comment is beginning to outshine “tentaclor”. ^_^

30 04 2009

@Jem-chan: Hahaha! Jem-chan was “taken aback”? Wow, am I hearing the apocalyptic rumble of the Four Horsemen in the distance too? LOL… While I hardly use tags as much as categories, I just inserted a new “Jem-chan” tag and a new “One and Only Jem” category, lol. Satisfied? Yup {nods}, like I told Duckie-chan, my tastes are pretty wide-sweeping and unswayable as well. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be “controlled” or “influenced” by feline curiosity once in a while. Well, not to the point of mindless or selfless abandon, that is. Haha, “Akikan”, it’s still funny how a “negative review” triggered this “positive rave”… Ah, but that’s the thing. I don’t go into a series with the piercing eye of a critic or reviewer. First and foremost, I go into it with the passive eye of a willing observer entering and living the world of the characters. “When in Rome”, right? Only after I’ve lived their world for a season can I give an honest and personal perspective that’s true to their story… Hahaha, exactly, whether it’s “Rosario + Vampire” (great comparison) or “Zero no Tsukaima”!… Awww, true. While the “Melon” figure may be kinda odd (looks like the sign supports one knee, while a pole supports the other knee), she’s still pretty unique. But perhaps not for everyone. Just for upstream fish. >_<;

30 04 2009

@Jem-chan: Hahaha, so you’re “pleased and appeased”, are ya? Then my life-long quest is complete! LOL, I don’t think I ever heard it pronounced until I actually said it myself! But that can’t be true. I mean, I must’ve heard someone pronounce it during the anime credits, right? I must have. Then I forgot it. Then when it came time to actually say it, my brain told my mouth to say it like that. The subconscious can be a *good* thing once in a while, lol… Haha, I just heard my broadcast again. “Can anime be stupid?” That’s still a simple yet philosophically profound question. Can’t believe I actually came up with it, hehe… Ah, I see, the video-game reviews. I might’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t think I could ever write reviews like that. Those screen-by-screen or scene-by-scene type reviews. Basically, I tend to write a brief one-or-few-sentence speed-opinion without any synopsis or summary. And that’s it! Since the reader or viewer will pick what they pick, or think what they think, or research what they research, there’s little point giving the whole story, or going into any detailed shot-by-shot breakdown of why this sucks or why this rocks, lol. Just “here’s my rating” and move on, haha. Is that objective? Not quite. Is that subjective? Probably. But it gets the job done, right?… Yeah, that’s the first time I’ve seen that “Melon” figure, and you’re right, she’s portrayed pretty well! I also understand your view. But I can also understand not wanting titles or words distracting from the figure herself. Yup, personal preferences, hehe. So go ahead, feel free to steal any of the “Akikan” images I stole. That’s why they’re there! Yeah, definitely “looking good”… Awww, I’ll let Lisa know! In fact, I think she mentioned that she felt a bit sick during that photoshoot too. I can’t tell at all. I guess modeling indeed involves a bit of acting after all. True, if her follow-up tests prove negative as well, then I’ll definitely feel better too. Especially if her restored income means I can finally restore her rent payments to me, haha… Still haven’t acquired a new HDTV yet. Maybe I don’t need one. T_T;

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