Mmmmmm Pork Loin Chops

2 04 2009

Disclaimer: Be wary of the not-so-clear pictures ahead

This is a rather simple meal to make and is very delicious to have. If you happen to be a vegetarian, just ignore this post. I bought 5 lbs. worth of pork loin chops at my local seafood market sale. I should have bought 10 lbs.


  • Salt [ as desired by your taste buds]
  • Pepper [ as desired by your taste buds]
  • Oregano Leaves [ as desired by your taste buds]
  • Pork Loin Chops
  • Saffron Rice
  • Green Beans
  • Olive or Vegetable Oil

This post is courtesy of Blowfish’s Melon Pan entry

So, there’s really no particular type of spice brand that you could go with. McCormick has a very ample spice selection at your local market, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard getting a little creative and substituting or adding some extra spices in this recipe. You could make saffron rice the authentic aka traditional way by using the saffron rice and simmering your rice with the spice itself, but I have never made saffron rice in this method before and cannot offer specifics for this. I really like using the Mahatma brand of Saffron rice. For this small packet of rice – which is standard at local marketplaces without having to go to a specialty store -, this is ¢.89 on sale.

If you’re like me and buy a bunch of meat that won’t be used immediately, chances are that you will be freezing that meat until further notice. So, here’s what my pork loin chops look like thawing in the sink. You can always cheat and let them sink under a running hot water, but it’s important to be aware of it or you run the risk of getting meat overly saturated with water. Try to get meat with as much as the original blood still intact as the blood provides good flavor as well.

After your meat has thawed out (yeah, no funny innuendo), take a piece and evenly season the top part with pepper, salt and oregano leaves, making sure that the loin chop has an adequate amount of surface area seasoned with spices. No need to worry about the bottom half at this moment. Yes, that is my hand and I am taking a picture of this myself.

I try not to readily get multiple pieces seasoned with spices as to avoid needing to use an extra plate to put the loin chops on. I am also not cooking for more than 2 people, so it’s not necessary for me. So, with the newly seasoned loin chop pieces, places the chops with the spices face down into the pan with semi-hot oil. These are going to be fried, so watch out for probably oil splatter. Unless you happen to be like my dad and are accustomed to cooking with oil and whose skin is immune to oil splatter, use a splatter guard or wear long-sleeved clothing. I am not one of those people and have had the instance where an oil splattered and headed towards my face. I turned my head fast enough. Your pan should make crackling sounds and the top and side portions of the loin chop should visibly bleed out. This is good and is an indication that your meat is cooking and reacting to the heat of the oil. Now, season the top portion of the meat with salt, pepper and oregano leaves. It is very important to cook all sides of the meat thoroughly or you will have a problem on your hands. Meat that isn’t cooked properly such as that from cows or pigs run risk of containing bacteria or even worse parasitic worms.

Here’s a little extra as to why you should properly cook your food. Ever hear of a parasitic worm called T. spiralis {Trichinella spiralis}? This is the worm responsible for a disease called trichinosis. In line with most parasitic worms, after being ingested through one of several vectors, the larvae live in the small intestine and mature to adulthood. Depending on the entry, it possible to cause death because of the symptoms that come as a result of the infection. Some parasitic worms move to the respiratory system and induce a coughing response to propel the eggs to migrate elsewhere to the body. I always prefer my food to be well-done because I am overly paranoid of what is in my food.

The portions on the meat that can prove a little bit tricky to cook are the top portions where the fat reside in. With a spatula and knife in hand, I’ll position the meat on it’s side so that the top fatty portions are being cooked directly. If you own a pair of tongs, you can accomplish this easily.

While not necessary, you can opt to apply another light coating of seasoning to the sides of the meat. In the picture above, I can’t even tell if it’s bleeding out or has been cooked.

Follow the instructions according to the packet except add 1/4 more water to help make your rice fluffier. It should be done in 25 minutes, but a little taste testing will really tell you whether or not this is done. If the rice is not soft and fluffy enough, add 1/6 more water and continue to simmer. If it is soft, then turn off your stove and your rice should be ready after some cooling. It’s okay if there is a little bit of excess rice as it will eventually evaporate some and be absorbed into the rice if you let it cool with the lid off.

Mmmmmmm!!!! Now, that’s nice and fluffy rice. It’s good to have  a serving of vegetables with your meals as much as possible and any delectable vegetable is an appropriate side dish to what has already been prepared. I really like green beans a lot. If you like raw vegetables, make sure they are washed properly under lukewarm water. I highly recommend steaming your vegetables to some extent just to be safe.

So, this is the finished product. Why are they in what obviously looks like tupperware, you say? Well, I can’t sleep at times and I don’t want to be late to work, either. I get the food ready to take to work. This is for lunch. Due to the nature of work as well as coworkers, it’s a very easy temptation to go out and eat all of the time. If you are eating out for both breakfast and lunch in addition to buying soda and snacks, you are gonna rack up a very expensive hole in your bank account. Eating out is not exactly a healthy alternative, either. For example, there is a “roach coach” that comes to work at 8:15am 5 days each and every subsequent week. Here are some things on their menu:

  1. $3 for 3 scrambled eggs
  2. $2 for grilled cheese sandwich [just cheese and bread]
  3. $4.25 for a breakfast burrito [tortilla, scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, and bacon]
  4. $1.25 for a small box of cereal [pint of milk carton sound separately]

This is just breakfast even though McDonalds is just a literally a hop, skip and jump away from our work site. For lunch, you can go to:

  1. McDonalds
  2. Teriyaki Bowl
  3. Albertsons
  4. Wendys
  5. Chinese restaurant [6.95 all you can eat buffet]
  6. Del Taco
  7. Jack-in-the-Box
  8. Be more adventurous and drive somewhere else

Let’s not even get started with dinner. It’s very expensive in small incremental ways. As a video game and figure collector, it does not seem feasible to eat out all the time and still be able to afford rent, bills, hobbies, and health. This is one of many ways that I am helping myself to a good meal without having to break my bank account for it. $3 for just 3 scrambled eggs?!?! I can buy a carton for a dozen for $2.49 and scramble my own eggs. Pfft.

If you also happen to be into hardcore gaming [none of that casual “I’m a gamer” stuff], being in a stationary position is very bad for your health. My work has to deal with video games, too, so it’s another reason not to neglect your daily food regimen.

If you remember in another post, I showed some extra delicious popcorn. My parents gave me another one, but it was a different flavor from your standard caramel ones. This aptly named “Zebra” popcorn was none other than caramel popcorn coated with white chocolate and lined with regular chocolate to give off the zig-zag trademark of a zebra. It was so freaking delicious. Unfortuntately, this is something of a brand name popcorn and cost $8-10 for the amount pictured. Geeez. It’s so good though.

Fun Facts about Me:

  • I love to eat food.
  • I have grown quite fond of food and would love to be able to cook and taste more food in the future.
  • The most that I’ve eaten in a day for a consistent period of time [12+ mos.] is 5 times consisting of semi to heavy meals
  • I am very picky about having cereal in the morning. I prefer to have meat or something heavier for breakfast
  • My metabolism is very good and tends to burn off a good portion of what I am eating
  • I make breakfast the following morning the prior day even if it’s preparing the ingredients at 2am
  • I used to hate milk, but I love it now
  • Water is the best beverage on the face of the planet for me
  • I cannot live life without rice. My body will effectively go into withdrawal



15 responses

2 04 2009

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

2 04 2009

@Jem-chan: Damn, that looks goooood! I can actually imagine what this tastes like. It’s been too long for me! (Yup, I think I can feel my meat thawing too, lol.) But I know exactly what u mean about eating out. I mean, you’ve probably already heard me talk about my hourly “Pop Tarts” at work, haven’t u? Plus, with my roommate Lisa’s still-ongoing parasitic situation (giardia), I can’t help becoming a bit more aware of the dangers of unfamiliar food.

P.S. High metabolism, FTW!

3 04 2009

Oh man, that’s such a tasty recipe; the food looks great! Plus, inexpensive too~ I shall try it out the becoming week, hope I don’t screw up your simple steps. >.<

I used to work at Carl’s Jr. & Jack-in-theBox, so I make my own food there. ^^;

3 04 2009
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4 04 2009

Its really funny that each one of us prepared a food post in the same timeframe.Looks pretty good but to be honest im not that much of a meat guy ^^

4 04 2009

@Jem-chan: Okay, I finally created a skinny vertical “Toybox” banner for ya. Gothic Lolita Rei at 120px wide by 240px high. Will this work?

5 04 2009

Oh this looks good and I will probably try this recipe … on one of the days when I am not too lazy. ^^”

I am sorta food otaku actually, since I love watching foodie shows on TV and trying recipes now and than. Just don’t ask me to bake cause I am bad at that.

Looking forward to more food recipes!

6 04 2009

didn’t know you can cook 😛

milk and cookies ftw 😀

7 04 2009

@Jay: Oh, it was, indeed, yummy^^ Damn, Lisa still has the giardia lambia parasite. Damn persistent li’l bugger. I would be sad to have a parasitic infection interfering with my appetite. I snack during work, too. When you’re using all that brain power, you need some energy to last you the entire day.

Yay. High metabolism ftw! Added your banner already.

@Kizo: It shouldn’t be too hard and you can even add your personal touch to it. I don’t know how creative you can get, since I am a relative amateur, too. Ooooh, Carl’s Jr. Carl’s Jr. just happens to be my favorite fast food eatery. The burgers are so so so delicious…MMmmmmmm

@Blowfish: No problem. I’m a pretty carnivorous person with a voracious appetite. I love lot’s of vegetable and fruits, too. Too much meat can be bad for you especially if it’s pork. haha, the irony of our food posts.

@ELT: Oh, do you like watching the Food network or Iron Chef? I love Iron Chef before Morimoto left the Japanese Iron Chefs. Waaaah. I really love food a lot and would love to try out some more cooking recipes. I don’t bake all that often, but it’s a lot of fun. I am also weak to food themes within anime/manga aka Yakitate and Addicted to Curry.

I’d definitely read and want to try out your food recipes, too.

@Balance: But, of course, good sir. An otaku needs to have a healthy balance in their life. I haven’t really been a milk and cookies person. I have only tried that combination with Oreos which seem to dry out my mouth really fast.

9 04 2009

@Jem-chan: Ahh, yeah, sux. In fact, she had an ultrasound done this morning (on her birthday today!) for even more tests on it. Yup, my brain cells love hourly “Cinnamon Pop Tart” power, lol… Aww, thanx, the banner looks great, even when shrunk to 105px! But what happened to your header image? Dammit, it vanished on me!… But no worries, here’s a perfect new adjective for ya, “carnivoracious”. >_<;

19 04 2009

So youre a Voracious Eater? All those yummy intestines ^^
Yeah meat can be bad for your health but so many other things can be bad for you aswell.Youve gotta enjoy your life and not stay away from all kinda risks,living a boring life

19 04 2009

@Jem-chan: Hehe, thanx for the Toybox reply… But I just gotta ask, have u seen the “Caprica” pilot yet? Wow.

19 04 2009

@Blowfish: Yes, it’s yummy, indeed. I try to balance the carnivoracious side of me by piling on a lot of vegetables and fruit. Yeah, life is all about maintaining a balance. Unfortunately, figures have definitely thrown that out of whack O.o

@Jay: I really don’t know what to say about Lisa. I don’t understand why the Giardia won’t go away. Damn those intestinal bastards! Well wishes to her and hopes of a speedy recovery! Some Pop Tarts are really delicious and some are just too sweet for me. I am not an overly sugar-y person. I accidentally deleted the header without even knowing it. I was trying to figure out how to bring Kanu’s tattooed body back. I was afraid of distorting the page, so I shrunk your banner done to 105 because I am a noob with the website.

What is this “Caprica” pilot that you speak of? I have no idea. Okay. In a few seconds, I was just informed that pilot is referring to “pilot episodes” and not to be taken for the literal context. Ah, what a funny language English is! No, I haven’t seen it, yet. Is it really “wow”?

20 04 2009

@Jem-chan: Awww, I’ll let her know. She started getting sick in January, and who knows how long she carried them before that first bout of sickness. So it may take months if not years… Ah, I guess I’m more of a sweet-tooth guy, lol. Strawberries. Chocolate. Cinnamon. Cheesecake. Whipped cream. But you’re in luck! I have a screencap of your site which still has the “Kanu” header I used to make your new banner. I’ll simply cut out the header image and send it to u. I assume your email is the same one to comment on my Toybox? Just kick my butt to remind me if I forget… Ah yes, “Caprica”! Basically, a new “BSG” prequel series planned for 2010, for which this pilot makes up the first 2 episodes. Somehow it’s already available for download, hehe. But don’t research anything about it. Just download and watch it with no expectations, no preconceptions. Like I did. And u might just be blown away. Wow indeed, lol… Okay, I better get back to my mega-post. ^_~

11 01 2010
2009 in perspective and looking ahead towards 2010 « One 'N Only Jem

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