Whatcha watchin’? Anime, it’s what’s for dinner.

20 02 2009

Here is the latest anime we have been watching as of late (or are in the middle of). Below are some overviews and recommendations. What have you been watching from this winter season?

Kara no Kyoukai

If you haven’t watched any of the five (of seven released on DVD so far, the first 6 have already had theatrical releases) movies for Kara no Kyoukai, you’re missing out. Heavy on the story and a bit confusing to follow sometimes, Kara no Kyoukai is a rich animation with extremely high production value and the quality of every aspect of each film is top notch and a visual feast for the eyes.

Kara no Kyoukai is based off of some of the earliest work by Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi, better known today as Type-Moon (creator’s of Shigetsutan Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night). Following the story of Ryougi Shiki, a girl with the “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” or the ability to see the lines of life (and therefore death) of every object in the world. Cutting along those lines instantly will destroy any object of living thing. Under the guidance of a female mage or sorceress with the ability to create and control puppets, Aozaki Touko, Shiki works with her to uncover the mysteries behind certain murders and other incidents. The flip side to the story has to do with Shiki’s relationship with Kokutou Mikiya, a former classmate of Shiki’s and a person she once wanted to kill. Shiki’s dual personality, due to her upbringing in the Ryougi family, is also a large factor into her character and the storyline.

Be warned, there is a lot of violence and blood.

Michiko to Hatchin

In a vein that can be related to such series as Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, Michiko‘s art style is something of a mix of the aforementioned and Boondocks. This series was certainly one that struck me as a sleeper hit as it is not widely known and is a shame for that.

Michiko is about two main characters: Michiko Malandro, a wild, intense (and quite sexy) woman who breaks out of prison to find the daughter of a former lover who supposedly died 12 years ago and Hana “Hatchin” Morenos, an 11 9 year old child who is the victim of abuse in her current foster home. Bearing the same tattoo as Michiko and her supposedly dead father, Hiroshi, the two set out to find him to answer numerous questions. There is a fair share of drama, action, and comedy in the series (the last due mostly to Michiko and Hatchin’s relationship) and feels quite fresh in the endless stream of harem and comedy series and stands out as being very distinctive.

Skip Beat!

Ok, so this is probably what most would consider a girly series. So what. Skip Beat! is freaking awesome. For those who were fans of Ouran High School, this series will appeal to you greatly. With a solid story and a ton of comedy and character personality, Skip Beat! is a show that’s just fun to watch. Engrossing enough to make me finally trot off to the manga as I can’t stand to wait to find out what’s going to happen next. On a side note, the anime stays quite true to the story and art style in the manga.

The story is fairly straight forward and simple, Mogami Kyouko moved with her childhood friend, Fuwa Sho (or Shoutaro), to Tokyo so that he can pursue his music career. A hardworking, cheerful girl, Kyouko finds out she is being screwed over and is merely being used as a maid and provider by Sho while she dedicates her entire life and being to him. Kyouko vows to enter the entertainment industry and crush Sho by becoming a bigger star than him (he has become quite successful as of the start of the story). While this sounds quite sad (and it is), it is hilarious with how Kyouko is as a character. The strong character personalities (and facial expressions) for the many characters help keep this one from becoming stale or lost in the sea of other series of this genre. Trust me, watch it and you’ll see what I mean. I definitely recommend this to anyone who won’t be put off with a little girliness.  The trailer below is the best I could find to illustrate just some of what I’m talking about.

More on the way including….

Blade of the Immortal
Ride Back

Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger
…and more!




7 responses

20 02 2009

@Jem-chan: Hmm, I might have to add “Kara no Kyoukai” to my Infinite List, lol. Which means, with all of my to-do-list titles, let alone my Asian and sci-fi titles, I’ll probably get to it by this October, hehe… ^_^;

21 02 2009

Oh I thought she was like a sister to Tohno Shiki.

In a way..she is.

I’ll try to watch this when I get the chance. Thanks!

21 02 2009

i just watched ep 5. it was just ….. just a lot of back and forth. I’m a big fan of Shingetsutan Tsukihime. It was one of the early anime i watched, really enjoyed, was depress for about a week when i finished… So when Kara no Kyoukai came i was really happy! Same goes for fate/stay night ^^

Shiki is a char i really like! I always had a thing for tomboys lol. They’re sexy and cool/bad ass.

I do enjoy seeing Shiki feminine side 😀

24 02 2009
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25 02 2009

@Jay: It’s definitely a good watch. She has no problem killing.

@Minaru: No problem at all. Tohno Shiki is in a different world and they only bear last name, so no relationships.

@Yeah, she is definitely scary and is a little bit similar to Arcueid’s character. Both Shiki and Arcueid aren’t openly feminine on the surface, but are pretty in their own ways.

[I could have sworn I typed out a comment. It must be sleep deprivation]

15 04 2009

Ah, I can’t wait for the sixth movie to come out><
Lol, “she has no problem killing” isn’t your main reason for liking the show, is it? If it is, you’d probably like Ga-Rei Zero:)

11 01 2010
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