Tsuruya in bunny girl form

17 02 2009


Tsuruya is a very unorthodox character. The very hyper and outgoing friend of Mikuru Asahina and honorary consultant to the SOS Brigade. Her appearance in the series seems to be few and far between. Despite that, she has been celebrated by otakus everywhere and is quite popular for someone whose role was fairly trivial. The FREEing bunny line wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include Tsuruya in it. An interesting thing to note is Tsuruya lacks a last name. Maybe she’s like Sting or Cher in that regards.

Manfacturer: FREEing
Release Date:Late Dec., 2007
Scale: 1/4
Series: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Retail Price : 10700Â¥

At the time, I had originally collected Haruhi, Kyon’s sister and Mikuru. Well, news of Tsuruya – along with Yuki – were announced. I was genuinely excited about this. They were really big characters made even bigger by their standing poses. I thought to myself “My bunny line will surely be sexy if I obtained these girls!” I dropped by my local anime shop when they were having a sale and snagged Tsuruya for around $110 or less. I still remember standing in the store and contemplating with my husband about who to get and we decided to get Tsuruya first, since her popularity seemed to be greater than Yuki and we agreed that she looked better too.

I have never opened any of the FREEing girls with the exception of Haruhi, Mikuru and Kyon’s sister. She is the first of the lineup that I am actually going to open in recent times. The reason for doing so is to take pictures of her and do a review. I don’t think I was bothered as much in opening them, since there is no tape on the outer packaging.

FREEing did an excellent job capturing Tsuruya’s notable characteristics – her knee-length green hair, single-fanged tooth and outgoing personality. I know that sometimes, girls with the single-fanged tooth are featured in anime. What makes Tsuruya stand out in relation to them is her idiosyncratic speech pattern that comes as a result of that tooth. Think of it as a mix of a lisp + omitting syllables in a word. Nyoro. Nyoro.

While Tsuruya’s bangs seem a bit plain, her overall green hair is just gorgeous. It’s stunning how a single strand has escaped and falls between her cleavage, just barely covering it while the rest of her drapes over her hips and past her right side. I’m also quite impartial to the color green. ^.^ Her outgoing and boisterous personality is shown through the pose that she takes. Tsuruya is slightly bent forward with one hand resting on her right knee and the other hand nonchalantly poised on her back. To add to the appeal of the statue, Tsuruya winks in an almost inviting expression.

Unlike the other bunny girls, she doesn’t really care what she’s wearing. In this case, she’s wearing a very tight, yellow bunny suit and has no problem being herself. It’s quite funny because I was half expecting Haruhi to be a more bold. Given this angle, it’s quite easy to see that Tsuruya has been fairly endowed with something to hold her top up. I wouldn’t say that she’s been blessed like Mikuru, but it’s still a fair portion that she’s been given. Now, I was never under the impression that Tsuruya would fill up the top portion like that. Well, maybe she hides a nice interior that’s never really revealed in the anime or FREEing decided that for aesthetic reasons, it would be better to have her fill out her top in a pose like that. No one’s complaining. Certainly, not I.

As always, the fishnet stockings make their usual round with Tsuruya. I don’t what it is, but the stockings have an overall higher appeal to me in a standing figure than in a sitting one. I think it’s because there is more leg to showcase and the stockings enhance those legs. With the exception of Mikuru who has a slightly extended leg, Tsuruya looks really good with the stockings on. So, Tsuruya has green hair. Lot’s and lot’s of green hair. For good color contrast, red would’ve been a great choice in bunny suit color. But, where would that leave Mikuru who is a redhead? It’s very interesting that their color choice for her would be yellow. And, y’know what – it works well.

From the rear view, you definitely get a nice angle to look at. It must be all that hyperactivity to get well-defined buns as this. It is sculpted in an almost heart-like manner or apples. Whichever you like. The packaging is very nice, too. The rear heart on the box gives potential buyers a sight to behold in the event that they happen to be interested in purchasing her.The only con that there is the weird plastic pole that she comes with to hold her heavy, pvc hair and the ugly scratched up base. It’s supposed to be like a mirror, but in reality all it is a reflective and cheap looking sticker meant to mimic a mirror. Shame on you FREEing.

Honestly speaking, I really like this figure. She has a really nice pose that brings out so many pros with the figure. I also feel that a standing figure feels more impressive than one that sits. If I had to pick which figures from the lineup to get, I’d stick to Mikuru and Tsuruya.




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17 02 2009

@Jem-chan: Ahh, I never really understood Tsuruya-chan’s appeal. But alas, the power of a community to raise a character from relative obscurity into the blinding spotlight is an indomitable power indeed, lol. And expensive! ^_~

P.S. Tell me something… A little test… With your vast network, have u acquired a “Centurion” or any other of the “BSG” figures yet? ^_~

17 02 2009

Nice review. This Tsuruya bunny is my 2nd favorite among the bunnies after Haruhi-sama. I would have thought her hair should have been made of abs so that there wasn’t a need for the pole. Guess her legs uses up all the abs they could afford. ^^”

Anyway, I really love these bunny ladies and hope to own all of them one day. I really should.

18 02 2009

@Jay: Yes, that’s exactly the best way to describe Tsuruya’s rise to fame. It’s amazing how unique characteristics just as the fangled tooth and her idiosyncratic lingo. She’s not my favorite character from the series, but I definitely really like her in bunny form. I never realized how ample her bosom was in the show until I got the figure, but that could be cosmetic add-on by FREEing. Lol, she is fairly expensive, but would you believe that this is probably the cheapest price that you could get her for.

I frackin’ wish I got a Centurion. I am waiting on the day that Master Replicas decides to do some sexy BSG swag. I will be there waiting.

@ELT: LOL, your leg ABS comment is quite funny. I don’t know if making her out of ABS would keep it from defying gravity. The plastic pole and cheap looking mock of a mirror base displeases me, but this figure is hot. From the frontal and rear pose coupled with her proportions, she’s a really beautiful bunny and a fitting character to don the coveted bunny outfit. You should at some point hunt down these figures for a cheap price except Emiri unless she is really cheap or you get a nonflawed one.

18 02 2009

@Jem-chan: Master Replicas? Haha, fetish for the technology? Not figures? You must be expecting Centurion helmets, Galactica sidearms, or a rare super-expensive spacecraft, lol. If I ever waited, I’d probably be waiting for the Kotobukiya figures instead! ^o^

P.S. So how does the “Twelve Colonies” bedtime story end? ^_~

21 02 2009

Ahh…the Haruhi series…I have a strong dislike for it but i really like Tsuruya.
Im usuall weak when it comes to Genki girls…i guess thats why i like her as only one out of the whole Haruhi cast.
Im not really cool with the colour choice…Reminds me too much of a banana.A darker yellow might have looked better

21 02 2009

wow nice rear shot lol, i like her pose but yellow suit =|. The stand does look a bit cheap. Freeing come on we paid a preium for these and you should give us something better =|

but overall she is lovely ! Tsuruya is a very energetic character ^^

21 02 2009

Me loves Tsuruya-san. It’s her quirks and strange speech that makes me like her lol. Plus she has green hair! It’s become a theme for me lol… Chie.. Tsuruya-san…. *thinking of other* I like Hatsune Miku, but nowhere near as much as the previously mentioned lol.

22 02 2009

@Jay: Yes, I love Master Replicas, but I need to switch from job to career to even consider a whole grip load of ’em. I would love something, but if Kotobukiya will give me some figures with diorama poses then I will buy them.

Ah: Well, for everyone who isn’t watching Battlestar and doesn’t care or isn’t caught up, please don’t read me. Pay no mind.

A few of my coworkers and I are speculating how it will end. One thinks every one will be “whacked” with Lee Adama as the sole survivor. He will populate hu-man with a group of women and the civilization will start anew. I don’t know how the bedtime story will end, but I need to know what Starbuck is. I feel that she is important and that’s why nothing has been mentioned. My bedtime story ends with Adama and Rosalyn living happily ever after because they are my cute power couple. lol

@Blow: I am so sick of that series, too. I have no idea if it’s all the terrible merchandising of it, the abundance of Melancholy figures made because it’s a quick cash cow or the rabid fans dancing to Hare Hare Yukai and chronicling the experience. *shudders* I hate those the most. I have no problem if you are dancing in your underoos with Youtube or even the Wii game, but c’mon people. The yellow outfit is weird, but they couldn’t give her “red” because that’s Mikuru even though complimentary colors might work. Darker yellow would have been nice. Mmmmmm. Bananas are good. My country is known for bananas, too. haha

22 02 2009

@balance: Yes. I love that money shot. I really love her pose because you’d want to make the most of your bunny suit. Yes, the base is terrible. I am not happy with that when there are actual mirror bases out there. *shakes fist at FREEing*

She’s quite energetic despite her limited on-screen time.

@Meimi: I’m quite weak to green hair, too. Tsuruya isn’t my favorite character in the series, but she ranks high as a bunny girl. I like all of the girls you mention, but the “like” hasn’t reached “love”. haha, the speech is really something that a lot of fans are weak to. I think it’s very cute and all, but I prefer grammatically sound. I must just be used to that. My love goes to hot looking women that can mess you up. *loves Revy and Roberta*

22 02 2009

@Jem-chan: Hehe, I don’t know about Lee being the sole survivor, but awww, the Admiral-Rosalyn part of your bedtime story sounds nice. As for Starbuck, I’ve speculated that she herself may be a god in human form. Or maybe an “angel” entity, whether an “angel of death” or “angel of life”. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess, lol. But bedtime stories can always be rewritten, can’t they? ^_^

3 04 2009

Nice review and beautiful photos 😉

17 07 2009

I know this post is a bit old but forgive me it popped up in google when I was looking up FREEing Tsuruya and I wanted to comment. I was trying to look up to see if anyone has had any accidents with Tsuruya’s hair breaking if they didn’t use the hair stand. I was contemplating removing it, but I probably won’t even though I couldn’t find any stories of her breaking. It’s probably not good to take this gamble with a figure that cost so much.

Also I agree I think Mikuru really looks nice. When she arrived it was instant love, I really love her pose. My favorites are her and Ryoko.

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