Emiri Kimidori – How I despise thee!

14 01 2009

Emiri Kimidori is a soft-spoken, second year student that is introduced to the SOS Brigade by Mikuru Asahina for assistance towards her missing boyfriend. Apparently, her boyfriend hasn’t been going to school and she wants the SOS Brigade to investigate the circumstances behind his strange actions.

So, it is hinted – by Kyon actually – that Emiri is a humanoid interface and quite possibly the superior of Yuki or just kept there to monitor Yuki’s actions.

Apparently, Emiri later becomes the secretary to the Student Council president. She also works as a waitress at a cafe that the SOS Brigade visit.

All in all, her screen time is next to nothing and whatever she does have amounts to a whopping zero. A lot of things are implied about her character potentially having a more important position, but this has no real significance in the series.

To tell you the truth, she was a weak presence when she was first introduced and her presence was practically nonexistent afterwards that I barely noticed her past the episode where she was initially introduced.

So, why FREEing? Why FREEing? Because it’s easy to make money off of this. Blech.

Manufacturer: FREEing
Release Date:Mid Sept., 2008
Scale: 1/4
Series: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Retail Price : 10700¥

I don’t think I had even bought Yuki at this point when Emiri was announced. Now, this pissed me off greatly that FREEing decided to make her. In my opinion, there is nothing visually appealing about her nor does she make some type of impact in the series that makes me inclined to like her character. So, why did I buy her? This is the exact question my husband has asked me as I look at her with disgust. Well, at this point it wouldn’t make sense to not have a complete set. Yeah, this is one of those moments where being a perfectionist just sucks and works against you.

Emidori (I’ve gone and combined her name because I’ve grown accustomed to knowing her as that) is authentically represented in this FREEing statue. She has light-green hair with mustard orange clips on either sides. Now, I don’t know why the color purple was chosen for her outfit. Maybe it goes with the saying that a color can really bring out a woman’s eyes. Emiri is similar and different from Yuki’s attitude. She seems quiet without giving off the loner vibe. So, there are 3 girls sitting down and 2 standing up and an elevated sitting pose is a good medium of height.

Emiri’s hair reminds me of Mikuru’s in the sense that it is thick and wavy. Emiri is sitting on a round, raised white platform that came with a plastic covering on top of it. There is also a clear stand to stabilize her bunny tail and position on the base. Emiri looks a bit weird in this pose. She looks as if she is shy and trying to cover up with her legs, completely unladylike in the way she sits or in need of going to the bathroom and holding it in. Either way, the pose looks weird to me instead of being cutesy playful.

Cons. So many cons that I can think of for a ~100+ figure. First and foremost, what’s up with the seams on her legs? I haven’t noticed this on the other FREEing girls that I own. I don’t understand why they just didn’t do it at the upper thigh. Instead, the seams are just below her knees and quite visible too. I almost feel that they got lazy in sculpting her with a complete leg and divided it into a bottom and upper leg. It looks nasty as if she was a former amputee that got her legs sewn in. There is a visible glue residue along the area where her stockings/thigh meets the bunny suit. This is just a poor part on FREEing and whoever they put in charge of quality control. It’s quite irritating.

Last but not least, the box. All of the other girls came with boxes that matched the color of their suit. Emiri is wearing a purple suit so it makes perfect sense to put her in a green box. Yeah, that made a lot of sense. I would have preferred a purple box. This is Tsuruya’s box.

For all of the aforementioned reasons, I hate this figure. With her arrogant smug expression, she’s aware that I bought her for the sake of completion. Not only does the character suck, but the figure has bad flaws that are not justifiable for a figure of that scale or pricetag. I was disappointed to hear her announced and I’m disappointed to have her in my collection. Oh well.

Do all of yourselves a favor and steer clear of this figure unless you happen to be attached to her character. Just pretend she doesn’t even exist when it comes to the group.

The last girl is just around the corner.




6 responses

14 01 2009

oh dear … no love for Emiri?! I feel that she is a cute looking figure but agree with you on the seams on her legs, very unexpected of any figure maker, let alone FREEing. I don’t have any FREEing bunnies, so I envy all who has them. Do hope you give her some love eventually, ya? ^^

14 01 2009

Well she’s my favorite freeing bunny ^^

And worse than what you said , i don’t even remember her in the show ^^

15 01 2009

@ELT: I can’t find it in my heart to really love her. She is cute, but for that price there shouldn’t be obvious seams and the glue residue is just unacceptable. Ah, if you are into the FREEing bunnies, I reviewed all of them with the exception of Ryoko who was in the latest haul. The other ones are really exceptionally done and it was the hook line and sinker for me.

@James: There’s nothing about that really endears her to me in any way. Her figure is kind of bland just like her character. That’s good that you like her. I prefer Mikuru, Tsuruya and Ryoko. If you do end up buying her, I hope you get her for a really kick @$$ pricetag.

8 02 2009

(If you don’t want her, I’ll take her off your hands lol, I loves Emiri Kimidori, mainly because she has my name lol, but what little we see of her character I liked, and if I got a Freeing Bunny, she would be the first.)

And its very true…. the down points of being a perfectionist…. lol

10 02 2009

@Meimi: Emiri is a nice name, by the way. haha, I still don’t like her because they didn’t do a good job on a lackluster character. If she was in a bargain bin, then it’s a good time to strike and buy her.

18 07 2010

aw but Emiri is my most favorite!!!!! don’t say that they only made her to make some extra money.

they did Kyon’s sister!! She’s does’nt even have a name!!!
emiri has a first AND last name

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