Yuki Nagato as a bunny girl

10 01 2009

Yuki Nagato is a very interesting character of sorts. She’s initially met in what will be the future meeting grounds for the SOS Brigade. Unlike the rest of the members of the Brigade, she is technically the only one that joined out of her own free will and not by coercion. She is very quiet and seemingly reserved, enjoying  a good read and not minding the crazy antics that go on beside her.

Yuki, is in fact, a humanoid inteface from the Integrated Data Entity created for the sole purpose of observing events on Earth. Those notable events happen to surround a sole entity. Haruhi Suzumiya. Haruhi, for some reason, can create huge quantities of data out of nothing.

Since Yuki is an artificial “human”, she poses a lot of paranormal abilities that are later witnessed and seen throughout the anime.

Manufacturer: FREEing
Release Date:Late Dec., 2007
Scale: 1/4
Series: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Retail Price : 10700Â¥

To reiterate from the FREEing Tsuruya post, Yuki Nagato had been announced as the latest additions to the line. During a sale, I opted to go for Tsuruya and wait for Yuki afterwards, feeling that it wouldn’t be hard to get her since she wasn’t as popular and her pose of the figure was rather bland in comparison to everyone else especially Tsuruya. Well, it’s good that I chose Tsuruya because she immediately sold out at the cheapest place that I could find her. I played the waiting game with Yuki until my paranoia kicked in. I decided to order Yuki, feeling that she would be next to sell out because of the price tag and many collectors out there were trying to get complete sets since the rerelease. Even though she arrived, I never really got a good lookat her until now.

The physical aspects that Yuki is most recognized for is her pale skin and glasses with the latter being abandoned for this particular figure. It’s really nice to see Yuki without her glasses because I do find her attractive. Everything about this figure is extremely bland from the pose, expression and the color of the outfit. I think in this regard, they succeed in bringing out Yuki’s character since she is more of an introverted character.

So, to keep in accordance with being bland and to match her pale complexion, white is the perfect color for her bunny suit. Unlike the other bunny girls, Yuki’s shoes are white and match the color of her suit with the exception of Kyon’s sister. The first thing that I noticed was the hair color. Unlike most visual representations of this character, her hair seems to be a drab greyish purple. I don’t know if this is where artistic creativity came in and they decided that this color would match her suit better. Personally, I really like her lilac color for hair. The face is very authentic to Yuki’s dimensions and expression. I’m quite pleased with that. Since her suit is white, the ribbon on her color is also white thereby negating that Yuki has a decorative collar.

The pose decided for Yuki is a simple standing one. Yuki really isn’t the type of person to pose or do something out of the ordinary when it comes to pvc iteration. I could definitely see Yuki as just someone who is standing there if Haruhi actually organized a bunny shoot. The fishnet stockings make Yuki’s proportion longer and the pose emphasizes her statuesque physique. Yuki is not necessarily endowed like the other girls and this is made apparent in her outfit. I wouldn’t say that Yuki is exactly an ironing board either. There is something unique about her bunny suit that the other characters don’t have – straps tied as a ribbon positioned on either sides of her hips. It’s a cute little touch to an otherwise simple outfit.

Yuki comes with a metal reinforcement that is not shown in the pictures. I don’t remember if it is necessary to display her with the metal reinforcement for complete support or it’s optional.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two girls together. They both have their merits when you really think about it. As for me, my personal preference tends to be that of a more flamboyant pose – it’s got greater appeal to me. If you prefer simple poses, then Yuki is definitely a great purchase as well. Either way, both girls are giants relative to the other FREEing girls and you really get a good look at all of their angles. If you already own the original released three, then adding these girls isn’t so bad unless money or space is a dilemma. It’s completely understandable since owning 5 of them is going to be a $480 investment if you’re lucky enough to get the girls at that cumulative price.




3 responses

6 02 2009

Ooo I love FREEing bunnies. My favorite character is Mikuru-chan too! I love her! I only bought MIkuru and Tsuruya sadly…>< I’m broke! Can you take pictures of Tsuruya’s feet and the stand? I have a really hard time putting her on the stand! Thanks!

6 02 2009


I am sorry, but she was put away in the box and it’s a bit hard for me to get her right now. The base for Yuki is the same as Tsuruya’s – a cheap looking reflective sticker meant to imitate an actual mirror. It looks weirdly scratched and I wasn’t very fond of it. Well, you made excellent choices because I really love Tsuruya and Mikuru as well. Emiri is the worst of them all and I hope that you steer clear of her.

6 02 2009

Thanks for suggesting that. ^__^ Actually its ok, I figured out how to put her legs in. I really want to put them back into the boxes too. However do you notice how weak the inside plastic that holds the figures? The corner broke for the inside plastic of mikuru’s box… maybe the figures are heavy?

Also, Thanks for your reviews! 😀

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