X’mas Party

14 12 2008

So, my company X’mas party was on Friday night. I’m not entirely sure what type of details I can divulge about it, but the place was upscale. For instance, I never knew Paris Hilton had her birthday party there. I was dreading Asian Invasion Friday nights. I have a really low tolerance in the presence of Asians for some reason which is fairly ironic considering I happen to enjoy byproducts from that area.

Well, I was trying to anticipate by planning around a minimum of 5+ drinks to keep me sane during the party. Evidently, the company rented out the place for 3 hours and made it inaccessible to the crowd. Pretty nifty, eh?

We had a cutesy unofficial themed event at work revolving around formal wear. For the heck of it, I dressed up too. I brought two pairs of shoes – wedged heels and flats. I put my flats in my filing cabinet and completely forgot about them at the end of the day. I was stoked at the thought of going to a private club and it was a great way to unwind for the weekend.

Since the place was a bit upscale, I was trying to pick something appropriate for the location and the season. In the end, I chose my gray sweater dress for the event. The party started at 7pm and we arrived right on time. The place was filled with makeup-ed girls/servers dressed in fairly tight clothing. They looked like your typical Hollywood girl that dabbles in light to heavy cosmetic surgery. Can anyone say collagen injections and botox? Aside from the girls walking around with their platters of goodies, I’d have to say those appetizers were absolutely mouth watering. There were spring rolls, sliders (?), tuna on thin wafer crackers and crab cakes. CRAB CAKES?!?!!? Let me tell you, crab is one of my all time favorite foods on the place of this planet. If I could, I would eat them out of existence…in the metaphorical sense, of course.

A bunch of us had gathered into our very own booth and were making conversation when one of those girl servers approached us and asked, “What company is this for?” to which I replied, “It’s (blank).” She then asks, “What’s that?” I look up at her with my napkin in my hand and said, “It’s a video game publisher that primarily works with sports titles such as NBA, MLB and NHL.” She then smiled and was on her way. I really don’t know what the smile was, but it looked weird as if she still didn’t understand the words that came out of my mouth. A bit irritated, I believe I murmured under my breath that she had served her purpose since I was able to get another crab cake and that she should get out of my face.

More people showed up including the big cheese. I really like my boss. It’s really hard to work under someone who is really honest and doesn’t bs anything. He’s a really fair and hardworking man who’s always trying to improve the working environment. The last boss that was like this was back when I was previews editor/writor on a now defunct video game site. I wasn’t even getting paid for my time there, but working for someone who lead by example made it possible to look past all of the petty drama and endure during my stay. Now, I never realized how social and friendly the boss can get in these settings. I like how he has his business ethics at work, yet has no problem throwing back a beer at a social gathering.

I hobnobbed with the fellow coworkers. Oh, I forgot to mention something. This wasn’t an open party – only people who have a permanent position were allowed to go. Temporary workers couldn’t even be brought along as a guest. Now, I’m a special exception to that because I am technically being trained for a permanent position. Plus, the boss thinks I am a good worker.

To start the night off in terms of beverage, I asked for vodka and cranberry juice. “You want to make me you something fruity”. “Um, sure.” Whatever concoction she made me was definitely not pleasant. I remember having my vodka+cranberry drink whilst listening to a developer talk to me about EVE Online and I just kept nodding my head and my mind has flown elsewhere. Those are the memories and feelings that I wanted to relive in this drink. Alas, it wasn’t like that. After sipping someone’s Midori Sour, I decided that I would have one too. In hindsight, I probably should’ve eaten the cherry decorative topping included in the drink as this wouldn’t be the last Midori Sour I would have. I promptly ordered another one because the night was young.

So, I got introduced to more people and their significant others. I find it rather interesting to see who people I work with date. Then, I had another Midori Sour. Yummmm. Feeling adventurous, I took my lead’s advice and asked for a redheaded slut. After downing some of it and being called out for not chucking the entire thing down, I eventually came to like it.

The buffet was really good, but I felt the appetizers tasted better. I thought I was gonna binge out and eat a lot, but I didn’t in the end. I don’t know why. Dessert was finally served and as expected, it was an array of delectable pastries. Once again, I was egged on by my coworkers to eat a particular pastry down the middle section. I did so and I guess it wasn’t the reaction that they were expecting. I had a feeling I knew what it was, but I didn’t say anything out loud. After watching someone else eat the same pastry in the same manner and watching thick white cream ooze from his mouth, my suspicions were confirmed. What immature people. Despite the cream spilling into your mouth, it was very delicious and soft. Ok, reading that back makes it sound sick.

After sampling a good portion of the dessert, I went to hobnob some more. I wasn’t remotely feeling buzzed enough, so I decided that I’d just go for some beer. You can’t go wrong with Newcastle beer. Besides, it’s destined – One and Only, of course. I was sitting down on a cushion and one of my coworkers approached me “What’s your name, doll?”

“Uh, are you shitting me or something? I see you 5 days a week, m*ther**cker. Don’t tell me that you’re that plastered and thinking that I’ll be the ass you take home tonight?!” Those are the thoughts of someone who’s had 6 alcoholic drinks and whose tolerance level for others is a bare minimum. I got him away from me by egging him to keep our designated driver company. It’s funny how easily persuaded our friend was by the newly found attention.

It was hitting close to 10 o’clock and the club would open up to the public very soon. Blech! I still wasn’t buzzed, but I was buzzed enough to spout a lot of crap. I think I was being more blunt than usual. He probably took offense to my comment to my friend about having to deal with the raving asians if she stayed there any longer. He made some comment thinking that I would bust out some /quote whitey dance moves /endquote. I don’t think that would’ve been the smartest thing to say considering I had my bottle in my hands and was sitting at the corner of the table where breaking the bottle of a table corner is not entirely out of the question. I’m not brute enough to succumb to any of that, but I would be a liar if I told you I wasn’t irritated in the slightest. I bid my farewell to my friend. That guy said that it was a shame that he wouldn’t get to see me dance. I don’t know if that was some vain attempt on his part to try to flirt with me. Yeah right as if I would dance with you.

I was feeling fairly good right now. The alcohol was working it’s way throughout my entire system and the night air was very good. It was still young. Then, our driver wanted to go home. Considering he was our ride, I had no other choice. *grumble grumble* Don’t get me wrong. I am very grateful for getting a ride, but I can’t deny that he totally killed the party for me.

One thing about these shindigs is that I’m a social butterfly and will migrate around. I can’t be shackled in chains. I looked over at our driver and he never went out to meet and greet anyone sans the mandatory boss handshakes. Even then, it was the boss that initiated it. Then, he talks about work at the party. C’mon now!!! No one wants to talk about why we can or cannot draft or something related to sports. This a party for goodness sakes. At one point, he was alone in the booth staring at everyone else socializing with one another. It’s hard to be in a group with someone who is more or less antisocial, lacks a personality and isn’t all that personable. He’s not a bad person, just someone who can’t survive in a social setting. Damn you. I was ready to dance, too. Show those asian clubbers what’s up. haha

It’s one thing to get antsy about wanting to leave because everyone is having fun, but it’s another thing to ask afterwards if everyone was cool with leaving at that time. I mean, c’mon. Employ a little common sense here and just don’t open your mouth. It was a bit insensitive to ask the obvious, but I’m sure it was asked to clear one’s mind from guilt that they ruined the party.




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