Mikuru Asahina

29 11 2008

nullMikuru Asahina probably fits in a lot of otaku’s fetishes – seemingly passive attitude to the point of subservience, thick, flowing red locks, big and innocent eyes, petite size, very big breasts and her catchphrase “ano”. Mikuru is a very important character in Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and is considered only second to leading lady, Haruhi. Despite being a supportive character, she is very popular in both the anime and pvc scene. I think she is even more popular than Haruhi herself with a lot of her merchandise being sought after or considered rare. Out of all of the characters, Mikuru is my favorite in the series and she also happens to be my favorite out of the entire FREEing lineup. right now. This will be explained much later, but for now she is my favorite bunny girl and with good reason.

Manufacturer: FREEing
Release Date:Mid May., 2007
Scale: 1/4
Series: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Retail Price : 9500¥

For me, you just can’t have any girl put on a bunny outfit and make it work. Bunny outfits tend to be strapless and have a very plunging front, so well-endowed girls make the most of the outfit and make sure that the outfit stays on without the need of clear straps. Bunny outfits are tight, so a voluptuous body brings out the curvature of the suit. Fishnet stockings are probably the best type of leggings to match the outfit and the high bikini cut can be accentuated with exposure of the expanse of thigh. Ideally, you’d like a girl who is either a) tall b) long-legged or c: both a and b. Finally, a good pose completes the outfit.

Does Mikuru manage to pull this outfit off? Yes. Mikuru has a pose befitting the outfit and her character. For as long as I could remember, Mikuru has always been apprehensive with her surroundings and for good reason. Haruhi is always suggesting strange or farfetched things that tend to put Mikuru in awkward situations. For example, Mikuru appears very apprehensive in this figure. The furrow in her eyebrows tells me that she’s worried about something, yet cautious of what’s happening around her. The positioning of her legs is also indicative that she feels awkward in the alluring bunny outfit, almost as if she was forced to do this. Mikuru is leaning slightly back, supported by her hands positioned further behind her. Everything about this figure screams tense. And that’s why it works well. It wouldn’t be Mikuru unless it had these things going for it.

Her hair is very lush with a mass of wavy locks congregating at the back. Red is often a color associated with fiery passion and dominance. Mikuru certainly doesn’t embody those concepts, but she is a natural redhead thereby making red the perfect choice for her bunny suit.


Initially, I had bought Haruhi and Kyon’s sister with the intention of buying Mikuru to complete the set. Unfortunately, when I returned to the store where I had originally saw Haruhi, Mikuru was already sold out. I tried placing an order for her online and quite literally, it was sold out as I was trying to finish up the last steps for processing. Now, I had to figure out other options for placing an order for her without having to pay an already tremendous amount. I managed to find her at a local store for $105 and decided that she would be my purchase. At the time, Mikuru was the rarest and most sought after of the bunch. News of more bunny girls spread like wild fire causing collectors to go and seek out the older figures of the very same line. Then, news of a re-release reached the surface.

Well, it’s not too bad because I didn’t pay an exorbitant amount for her. As a matter of fact, I paid less than what the re-release is being offered for. Plus, I was able to find her without having to rely on a re-release. Anyways, I’m really happy with her. She is by far the sexiest character in that entire series.




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