Kyon’s sister

25 11 2008


Next up in FREEing’s line of ladies of gargantuan proportion is otherwise known as Kyon’s sister. Kyon is the main protagonist of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and this is his little sister. For some odd reason, she is only known as Kyon’s sister. It kind of sucks in this regard as she really has no importance in the series which is implied by the title given to her, “Kyon’s sister. With that being said, since she has no importance, it doesn’t make any sense to make a figure of her either. Not only is Kyon’s sister made into a 1/4 pvc, but she is in a scantily clad bunny outfit no less.

Manufacturer: FREEing
Release Date:Late Oct., 2007
Scale: 1/4
Series: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Retail Price : 8400¥

So, you must be wondering why I bought her? Well, I am a completionist at heart with many things that I do in my life. Considering that she is part of the set, I would feel buying one over the other. I think when it comes to smaller scaled pvcs, it’s much easier to nitpick what figure you want instead of buying the whole group. This is not this mentality can be applied to all smaller scaled pvcs that are part of a set. At the time, I thought she was cute and she was being sold for at a very good price – $75. Perhaps, I should’ve held out a bit longer and bought her for $45 instead.

Kyon’s sister has a very sweet face. Her innocence is a bit undermined by the fleshy appeal of her outfit. Obviously, she is younger than the two and this is very apparent in her being smaller in height than the others despite being 1/4. It also appears that the top portion of her bunny outfit is lower than the others, but this is just a case of not blossoming rather than being situated lower. For me, it looks kinda weird because if the top was any lower or if she happened to have wardrobe malfunction, she would be exposing a lot more.

Unlike the other bunny girls, Kyon’s sister is not wearing any fishnet stockings which makes her outfit a bit more scandalous. The bikini cut of her outfit resembles that of a thong as well. I really have no idea what the sculptors were thinking when they made her. There are cute pale, pink pom-poms on her bracelets and heels. I don’t think the other girls would be able to pull off this pink color.


All in all, she is a very cute figure albeit the scandalous characteristics. Perhaps, they purposely didn’t give her fishnet stockings so that she would have something to stand out with amongst the rest of the beauties. My only gripe is that since the girls tend not to come with bases, it is easier to accumulate dirt on their legs and hands. This is especially true for Kyon’s sister since there is no fishnet stockings to protect her derriere.

Despite being a good figure, Kyon’s sister has no real purpose in the series except for fodder. Much like the series, she is only here to add to the background of this set and plays a less than important role in the grand scheme of things. Unlike the other girls, she doesn’t make for a good standalone purchase. I’d only recommend her to those who are looking to complete the lineup for this. Other than that, you are better off spending your money on something else.




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