It’s Haruhi Wednesday!!!

20 11 2008


I’m sure many of you can guess who this beautiful lady is. I was feeling a little bit adventurous and decided to take pictures of the figures that I do have open. Since, I’m getting all of the 1/4 FREEing bunny girls, I think it would be a good time to do a review of them.

Manufacturer: FREEing
Release Date : Early Jul., 2007
Scale :1/4 Regular Price
Series : The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Retail Price : 9500¥

The funny thing about this figure is that I originally saw her at a local figure shop whilst looking for ALTER Aegis and ALTER Kos-Mos Episode 3 ver. I wondered what was in such a large box and peaked through the heart-shaped holes to see something really beautiful. Haruhi Suzumiya is a very interesting character that hails from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. This anime is extremely popular, thereby making a lot of merchandise affiliated with the anime or characters sell like hotcakes. I was put off by the price ($130) and I didn’t feel like getting distracted from my primary mission which was both a success and a failure at the same time (They just ran out of Kos-Mos, but I walked out with Aegis among other goodies).

Initially, I was planning on buying this figure from Animexing, but they fortunately didn’t have her in stock. I have had complications with my orders over at Animexing. This led me to another retailer where I was able to purchase her for $99. I really don’t know if it’s the scale, but I’d have to say that this Haruhi figure is extremely dead on to her image in the anime. Out of all of the figures done of her, I would personally rank this as top tier. There are manufacturers out there who get simple, yet important attention to detail wrong when it comes to Haruhi such as her open mouthed grin, hair, etc.

For this price tag and scale, there is simply no excuse to create plastic replica of the character. Yet, at the same time, any flaws will be especially amplified and noticeable to the eye. From a glance, this figure has many pros for it. For those who are into cosplay fetishes, especially that of a bunny suit, Haruhi dons a sleek, vinyl looking black bunny suit complete with fishnet stockings. There are not a lot of figures out there in scales bigger than 1/6, so FREEing’s bunny line really stands out amongst the competitors. There is an extreme amount of detail in this figure. Her nails have a slight gloss akin to the natural shine on our nails. I really like the gradiations of brown in her hair. What I especially love about this figure is the positioning of the eyebrows on her face. If not done correctly, her face ends up looking weird instead of achieving that mischievous ‘I’m up to no good’ look.


Haruhi’s pose designates her as the focal point of the bunch. She is the main attraction and is meant to be positioned in the center of the bunch. It’s really good that her legs are laid back as opposed to spread out front, so there is more of an emphasis on her character relative to Mikuru and Kyon’s sister. The fishnet stocking is just divine. It’s really something else when you are able to touch something tangible like an article of clothing – it gives the figure that much more personality. The heels are very simple in design, but it works well with the very flamboyant bunny suit. I’m a really big shoe person and this is not one of those figures where the shoe or accessory is meant to be as flamboyant as the character’s outfit. The eyes are precise, but I think they used decals which I’m completely fine with. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate having detailed and painted eyes, but they are very hard to get done correctly especially since pvcs are mass produced. There is no base with this figure, so if you’re wary of surfaces potentially damaging your figure, you’re gonna have to improve with another base of sorts or a mat.


Suffice to say, this is costly expense in general in the world of pvc. Her price is appropriate for the scale and it definitely delivers. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying this figure for more than $115. The only con that would come to mind is shelf space, price tag and investment. The latter dealing with having the self-restraint not to pursue the other girls from this line. Let’s face it, folks! At roughly $100-$130 a pop for each figure, you’re looking at $300 just to have Haruhi with Mikuru and Kyon’s sister. Usually, with figures of this type especially if it’s based on a group art, manufacturers tend to make figures of more characters. More characters=bleeding wallet. I wouldn’t tell anyone not to buy this because she is a real beauty, but it’s gonna be hard to have one and not want to catch ’em all.

She is being re-released, so there’s no need to pay inflated prices to get ahold of her either.


Note: I am aware that I reused the same thumbnail twice. Needed to fill up dead space.




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