1/5 Gathering Dark Saint review

12 11 2008


So, we finally took the plunge and decided to preorder her. I was a little apprehensive considering this was the very first Gathering piece ever purchased and the steep pricetag for it is something that you should be wishy washy about.

Note: This is my first ever attempt at a figure review and taking pictures, so be advised that I am very much so an amateur working with what I got ;p


First and foremost, I’m extremely pleased with the packaging of this statue. From the exterior box design to the packing material, everything about it was top notch. Let’s face it. These things are expensive and the shipping courier tends to regard the boxes as nothing more than sporting equipment. I get extremely bothered deep down inside when the box that houses the actual statue/figure gets dented or damaged in any way. Fortunately, E2046 wrapped the box in like 6 feet of tiny bubble wrap with the overall packing box wrapped with an anti-water paper.

A little backstory on the figure and the maker. Dark Saint is 1/5 in scale and believe me, she is a huge beauty. She hails from the Lineage line which is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. You might be more familiar with other characters from the series such as Goodsmile’s Human Mage slated for a release this fall and the ever so coveted online exclusive Dark Elf. Gathering is a group of talented individuals carefully assembled to bring out artworks into statue iterations. Many of the things they do are either unique ideas that you can only get at their site or painted versions of otherwise impossible kits to get ahold of aka anything by Volks.

Hub really wanted this figure. I’m not saying that I didn’t want it either, but she is quite expensive and I had my eye out on the pvc scene. Plus, I don’t necessarily feel like breaking bank over resin statues either. Regardless, we preorderd her. After much anticipation due to customs holding the package for about 2 weeks, she was finally in our hands.



As you can see, despite my very amateur photography  skills, there’s no mistaking that she is very beautiful.

Overall, the gold trim of her outfit is done with exceptional care with the exception of a few areas which I find forgivable given how much gold trim is used on her outfit and the complicated design pattern used. What I’m most impressed with is the cracks and lines created on her dress. To be able to sculpt a figure is hard unto itself let alone bringing to fruition the intended design and overall style from the original artwork. I can’t even imagine how long it took to sculpt those lines in her dress.

Her armor is something that you’d definitely see on a character from an MMO franchise, but I’m not quite sure what character profession she holds. A dark mage or necromancer, perhaps?

The choice for skin color was perfect. Most characters are done in a typical skin tone, so seeing this blackish gray complexion was a breath of fresh air. Her complexion works well with the overall theme and persona of this character. Her top leaves nothing to the imagination as her bare breasts are mostly exposed. Her high bikini cut bottom and visible thighs wrapped with strips of the material that her dress is made out of reminds us of the height of this figure by showing off her lengthy limbs. Despite the exposure, I don’t get the slightest hint of Dark Saint being a floozy of some sort.

I am very big into shoes. There is no shame in me saying that I absolutely adore Dark Saint’s shoes. However, these shoes would not be very efficient to wear on the battlefield.

Assembling her was very simple. I had some difficulty putting her on the base because the hole for the peg was rather tight and I was very afraid of damaging the statue while I was applying force to push her in. Guess, this is a very good thing since it means that the statue is firmly secured onto her base.

There are only some minor things that I could have wished were done better with this figure. Base – despite the very cool, translucent purple flame effect, the base looks relatively simple. The design on the base leaves something to desire as it resembles the Nanoha Takamachi figure very closely and the scanned design is not as sharp in image as it could be. Once again, there were areas where the gold paint was executed perfectly and certain areas where it’s not. Also, the straps(?) at the end of her dress hook into very small slots, but 3 of them don’t hook very well. Last but not least, there were two areas on Dark Saint where her skin paint was applied to the clothing section. The most noticeable area being the pelvic region towards the uppermost left side of her thigh. The other area is the top portion of interior trim partitions on the backside of her dress. It’s really nothing that touch up can’t repair, but I really wish that they didn’t exist.

The sheer intricacy is made apparent through the skillfully painted gold lines weaving throughout Dark Saint’s body, the carefully sculpted cracks to give off a weathered and very textured look and the elegant pose.

Regardless of what imperfections may exist, she is loved and this purchase was well spent.
You can purchase Dark Saint here. She is an excellent example of what a prepainted resin figure is supposed to look like. I’ll have pictures of a critique of what prepainted resin statue should NOT look like in a few days.

Note: Sorry for the layout of the pictures. In hindsight, I should have thumbnailed the pictures beforehand.




8 responses

12 11 2008

Sugoi! An excellent pre-painted resin statue from e2046! Did you have to glue some parts or was the statue fully assembled out of the box?

12 11 2008

So E2046 painted it? Because they did a very nice job except for some part you’ve mention but I wouldn’t of noticed it if you didn’t say it xD

I don’t know if I should buy stuff from that site since it’s from Hong Kong & I’m scared of bootlegs.

12 11 2008

@L.C: It wasn’t fully assembled. She came in parts. No glue, but I would definitely consider gluing some of the parts considering that they were a bit loose.

@BangBang!: Don’t worry Bang. Even though they are from Hong Kong – home of the bootlegs – E2046 cares about the quality of their merchandise. A lot of people can argue that they do recasts which is technically “bootleg”, but their recast is superior quality and they specialize in unique resin statues. Like Play-asia.com, they are trustworthy. I have an upcoming critique of what real bootlegged resins from Hong Kong look like and you’ll see the comparable differences between the two.

Dang! Html doesn’t like me. Those images were up yesterday. Need to fix it at some point.

12 11 2008

Yep , only half the pics are working 😥

As for the figure , well i know it because a friend have it and i think it’s awesome and SO big !

But not sexy enough for me so not my style :p

Nice buy 🙂

12 11 2008

They are working now. For some reason, the images were deleted. I don’t know if I did that unconsciously during my sleep deprived state.

13 11 2008

Thanks you for your insights on this^^ I feel confident buying stuffs from them now. & awesome picture takings!

20 11 2008

Nice review. Looks like a very nice figure. But too bad it costs so much

26 11 2008

Totally forgot to drop by your blog ^^;;

Yeah Gathering Kits are awesome.Shes not my kind of figure but still a great one ^^

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